input device with the output device or vice-versa. In order to make it simpler, Intel has designed A chip to interface I/O devices. The Intel A is a general. A Programmable Peripheral Interface in Microprocessor – A Programmable Peripheral The following figure shows the architecture of A −. The (or i) programmable peripheral interface (PPI) chip was developed and manufactured by Intel The PPI chip Architecture.

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WR Write Input Architecthre this input line is a logical 0 and the CS input is a logical 0, data is written to the from the system data bus A0 – A1 Architscture Inputs The logical combination of these two input lines determines which internal register of the arhitecture is written to or read from.

Analogue electronics Interview Questions. Each 4-bit port contains a 4-bit latch and it can be used for the control signal output and status signal inputs in conjunction with ports A and B. They can be connected to peripheral devices. If an input changes while the port is being read then the result may be indeterminate. Combination of MODE 1.

Cnip “low” on this input pin enables the communcation between the and the CPU. After the reset is removed the A can remain in the input mode with no additional Initialization required. The A is generally seen as 8-bit bidirectional data buffer, which is specially designed 855 transfer the data with the execution of input output instructions requested by the CPU. Retrieved 3 June This functional configuration provides simple input operations for each of the three ports.


The function of this block is to manage all of the Internal and External transfers of both Data and Control or Status words. The 5-bit control port Port C is used for control and status for the 8-bit,bi-directional bus port Port A.

All of these chips were originally available chpi a pin DIL package. Download our mobile app and study on-the-go. The Intel or i Programmable Peripheral Interface PPI chip was developed and manufactured by Intel in the first half of the s for the Intel microprocessor. Only port A can be initialized in this mode. As an example, consider an input device connected to at port A.

8255A – Programmable Peripheral Interface

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Share to Twitter Share to Facebook. Both Inputs and Outputs are latched. Each line of port C PC 7 – PC 0 can be set or reset by writing a suitable value to the control word register.

Programmable Peripheral Interface

Some of the pins pli port C function as handshake lines. Control words and status information are also transferred through the data bus buffer. Need a good tutorial for microprocessor and assembly language programming?

Afchitecture The impact of Demonetization across sectors Most important skills required to get hired How startups are innovating with interview formats Does chemistry workout in job interviews? The i was also used with the Intel and Intel [1] and their descendants and found wide applicability in digital processing systems.

This mode is selected when D 7 bit of the Control Word Register is 1. Acknowledgement and handshaking signals are provided to maintain proper chi flow and synchronisation between the data transmitter and receiver. This is required because the data only stays on the bus for one cycle.

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Intel Programmable Interval Timer. The A contains three 8-bit ports AB, and C.

The two halves of port P;i can be either used together as an additional 8-bit port, or they can be used as individual 4-bit ports. When we wish to use port A or port B for handshake strobed input or output operation, we initialise that xrchitecture in mode 1 port A and port B can be initilalised to operate in different modes, i.

Outputs are not latched. Otherwise, the output buffer will be in the high impedance state.

Each 4-bit port contains a 4-bit latch and it can be used for the controls signal outputs and status signal inputs in conjunction with ports A and B. CS Chip Select Input. Definition of Microprocessor 1. The A is a programmable peripheral interface PPI architectuure designed for use in Intel microcomputer systems.

This means that data can be input or output on the same eight lines PA0 – PA7. Learn Microprocessor in simple and easy steps starting from basic to advanced concepts.

A “high” on this input initializes the control register to 9Bh and all ports A, B, C are set to the input mode. Views Read Edit View history. You get question papers, syllabus, subject analysis, answers – all in one app.