Avvai Noolgal – அவ்வை நூல்கள் brings all four important works of great Avvai Paati in Android platform. This app provides the following. 1. The app is to promote the verses of life lessons in Aathichudi, a tamil literature written by Avvaiyar. The app provide a platform for the people to view the. Avvaiyar was the most famous and prominent female poet during various periods of the Tamil Literature. The meaning of the word Avvaiyar is a Respectable.

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Look after your parents well. SayHello supports you to improve spoken English skills and to build confidence. The other versions can be taught side by side once the child grows up or when the child is inquisitive. Is like the whole world. Learning when young is important. In her later yearsshe did not stay at on place. She strongly believed in Lord Ganesh.

Avvaiyar as a baby was adopted by a childless Brahmin couple.

Aathichudi onbooks, Avvaiyar aathichudi tamil ebooks |

In other languages, alphabets are associated with things. Sleeping for prolonged hours is unhealthy. Have a conversation in two languages and hear your voice translated instantly.

Pudhiya Aathichudi is yet another version written by the national poet mahakavi subramaniya bharathiar. Judiciously space your living place. Press Esc to cancel. Aathichudi is a collection of verses written by the great Tamil Poetess Avvaiyar.

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She Knows Her Mind Write to us at lovenbond gmail. Loves coffee, music,nature,movies and basically anything positive and inspiraional. Respect what you learn. Gossiping is not awthichudi good virtue. He was an Indian independence activist who took inspiration from the original poem and modified it to the then generation of youth. Desire to do deeds of virtue.

She was brought up with much care. Let us do our bit to make great works in Tamil literature reach many. Nalvazhi App Contains, 1.

Is like a handful of earth. Never do bad things. Avvaiyar at her old age wanted to end her literary career.

Don’t play with snakes. Even from a young age she had a keen interest on poetry.

Tamil Aathichudi – The easiest way to teach kids discipline

Aathichudi has been converted into android app. As is the practice of every Tamil poem, this poem too starts with an invocation to the blessings of the Almighty.

Transliteration in English 4. Another specialty of this great work is that it teaches the Tamil alphabet along with moral values. Just swipe left or right to get access to complete mdaning. Since the language is simple, it is very easy to communicate the meaning to the child. Entrepreuneur by profession and a writer by passion. Never cheat on weight when selling food grains.


Turn away from demeaning deeds. She Knows Her Mind. Like the previous version, this poem too is suitable for all time periods. He wanted to trigger their patriotism through his new poem.

Be a sensibly powerful force due to which the whole family gets respected. What we have learned.

This app provides the following. Demo of Image Loading. Her songs are the first introduction to the Tamil language when a child starts school. Do not brag about your riches. But history says that Lord Muruga intervened and changed her mind.

She never married as her aim was to spread the knowledge of divinity and Tamil far and wide. Among all her other literary works, aathichudi is the most widely read work.

It was specifically meant for children In schools meaningg, this particular poem is a poem that has to be memorized. It is on par with the Thirukkural by Thiruvalluvar. All the seyuls in Tamil 2. Scindhia H Loves coffee, music,nature,movies and basically anything positive and inspiraional.