Advanced Stirling Radioisotope Generator (ASRG). Thermal Power Model in MATLAB®. NASA/TM— August jsp. The Advanced Stirling Radioisotope Generator. Evan Long February 11, Submitted as coursework for PH, Stanford University, Winter Jan 23, Lockheed, the prime contract on the now-defunct Advanced Stirling Radioisotope Generator program, is closing out the project and transferring.

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The Advanced Stirling Radioisotope Generator

Published 30 March The entire Pu issue should be very much on their radar, no? Dennys Angove, Well, Opportunity has a mass of kg and it can be driven for m or more for a day with the power available.

I suggest PS members mention this specifically in their letters to Congress. Please sign in to add a comment. While the average person associates boiling with cooking dinner, the process is also widely used to transfer heat across surfaces.

Radial core heat spreader to improve Stirling radioisotope generator heat rejection

Because axvanced the limited cost cap imposed on these missions, they’re now essentially limited to the inner solar system. Since SRGs are fueled and operating prior to launch, it is crucial that proper thermal management be maintained during 1-g ground handling, hyper-g launch, and micro-g space environments.

The ASRC program offered a power source that greatly increased mission flexibility.


Paul McCarthy, “4,8Kg seems an appropriate amount That limits how much they can do here. InNASA chose a solar-powered mission InSight for Discovery 12 interplanetary mission, which would have otherwise needed a radioisotope power system for the planned launch which as it advxnced has been delayed until The Radial Core Heat Stirliing RCHS is a passive two-phase thermal management device developed to solve this issue by using water vapor instead of copper as the heat transport media.

The parabolic flights took place during and Then, IF more money becomes available, restore it. I just hope the savings are enough that they don’t have to kill any of the ongoing missions.

Closing out the ASRG program

By contrast, solar power generation photovoltaic and thermaland fission power generation have higher priority. So, it would appear that we agree with the cleaning solar panel prospect.

It uses a stirling engine to generate electricity at four times the efficiency of a regular RTG. And surely Pluto is the extreme case, so 11kg not needed again for???

There will be hearings, and this is a big technological investment that is about to be squandered. And then it takes years to get there. These energy sources all involve circulating heat, commonly via a fluid.

Radial core heat spreader to improve Stirling radioisotope generator heat rejection

This page was last edited on 15 Mayat Become a member of The Planetary Society and radioisottope we will create the future of space exploration. Two parabolic flight campaigns and one suborbital flight test provided essential data in multiple gravity environments to evaluate the thermal performance of the RCHS.


That effectively precluded such mission for years. I’ve seen same design with circular solar panels. As people who benefit from the exploration sstirling development of space, we should hope that NASA manages to continue ASRC development and testing in a more rapid, cost-efficient manner than its industry partner. The two finished units had these expected specifications: The basics of harvesting energy from a thermal gradient are well understood; they are used routinely on Earth in geothermal power or thermal plants fueled geenrator coal, natural gas, or nuclear power.

They would not have been possible with a supply of Pu However, the ASRC represents the first application of the technology to space. Spirit did it for years too. Keep in mind that it doesn’t need to be fast: For testing, the Stirling convertor was replaced by an electrical heating element and the generator housing was replaced with a heat absorber.

Stirlnig Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.