Find the most up-to-date version of API RP 11L at Engineering A 6-page educational info-graphic summarizing the most important principles underlying successful Rod Pumping Operation. Topics include: Downhole Pump . API RP 11L Recommended Practice for Design Calculations for Sucker Rod Pumping Systems (conventional Units). Front Cover. American Petroleum Institute.

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One note of caution in using the new design technique should be pointed out. Thus, fortaperedstrings, Fc intaperedrod greaterthanunity. This apparent impasse has led to the special assumptions mentioned heretofore, which, ap effect, amounttoidealizedguessesaboutpump operation. This assumption makes possible a mathematical simplification wherein thespringequation anordinarydifferentialequato simulatethecharacteristics of the tion isused is mathesucker rod.

At higher speeds, this relation breaks down as dynamic effects become more important.

Advanced search Show search help. This equationallows api rp 11l the stiffness of the couplings: It will usually be found necessary to make more than one calculation to bring the limitations of the variouscomponents of theinstallationintoagreement. Rather,oversimplificationsinthemethodsforpredicting rod system behavior have arisen a s a result of computers of mathematicaldifficultiesandlack to handle the mass calculations required to describe pumping performance accurately.

Using vendor data for is best, but if no vendor data are available, use Eq.

API RP 11L – Design calculation for sucker rod pumping system

Theotherprogram developed a series of curves for selectingbeampumpingunits fordepths of f t to f t andvariousrates of production and and api rp 11l of rod sizes, pump gp, speeds. Fz is the dynamic effects during the down stroke taken away from the api rp 11l on the polished rod.


This should give a reasonable correction.

When referring to Figures 4. MRI presented a method for determining theequivalent properties of a tapered-rod system.

Use the value of from Eq. If a high degree of design accuracy is desired, the reader is referredto one of the many available api rp 11l simulators.

Equations for calculating all the composite material factorsneeded in the API calculations are given.

Some of these unusual conditions are: Your consent to our cookies if you continue to use this website. This paper extends the MRI work toinclude rods constructed of more than one material.

Thecriteriagenerallyusedforthedesign of r rod installationsarebasedongreatly oveximplifled concepts of pumpingsystemmechanics.

Integrity Consulting Petroleum Toolkit

Users of this publication should become completely familiar with its scope apii content. 111l chartsare used to determine the dependent parameters as defined in the report. Note that RP 11L gives approximate solutions to the rod-design problembecause of the many simplifying assumptions involved in its preparation. Theseassumptions also apply to the solution method presented in this paper.

Consequently,themethodsbasedonthe special assumptions yield usable results only to the extent to which the idealizations approximate pump action, A8. Proceedings of an international conference Diverless and Deepwater Techology: To handle composite rod strings properly, using the correct values of,and on Lines 1 through 3 of API Form 11L-1 is necessary. Log in to your subscription Username. In addition, and ,which appear on Lines 9 and 16, must be defined by equations other than thoseshown on the form.

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Proceedings of an international conference Oceanology: Inthe analog model, it has been assumed thatthetubingis anchored and no tubing motion occurs during the pumping stroke. Gp This paper presents a method for using tp API recommended practice for thedesign of sucker-rod pumping systems with fiberglass practice for the design ofsucker-rod pumping systems with fiberglass composite rod strings. Generdly, three steps are required in designing an installation.

The new design methodshould predict actual well loads to a reasonable degree of accuracy if true well conditions are assumed.

Er represents the inches of elongation caused by the application of a load Of One pound to a rod One foot in length. Fromtheoreticalconsiderations, it canbeshown that the natural frequency of a tapered rod string is greaterthanthat of a uniform string of equal Fc has a value length.

Users of this publication should become completely familiar with its scope and content. The location of changes has been marked with a bar in the ro.

Publishers 11o Coverage Privacy. This derivation is given in the MRI report for a two-taper, all-steel rodstring.