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Water from domestic faucets can also be used provided the chlorine content is not very high or can be lowered by some mechanisms spraying or holding the water in storage tanks.

Tanks Preparation and Stocking 1. Monopterus albus is a progynus female first species. Harvest partially or completely. Belut merupakan usaha ubdidaya sangat menjanjikan. The ecological implications of these species is the wild are being studied. Email required Address never made public. The advantages of raising this species are: Silkworm pupae, if available locally, is an excellent food for the eels.

The feeding trays should be removed a couple of hours after bbudidaya feeding. Masyarakat yang memiliki lahan sempitpun dapat memelihara belut.

Creation creation Prepare Fertilizer Cage Size 1 Package about 50 kg fertilizer cage, mix with protein 10 close bottle that dissolved in water 1 Bucket, input bran for starter 5 KG, mix all ingredients and diulet tenacious to flatwrap up plastic meetings don’t get the sunlight shut up for last night.

For the tank size mentioned, introduce to eels with a ratio of females and 60 males.


The in-between length group turns cannibal Segregate the fingerlings which cling to the water hycinth roots. Pemanfaatan belut secara umum adalah untuk konsumsi dengan manfaat dari budidaya belut adalah: Live earthworms can be given directly to the fish. Construct twin tanks 1M x 2M x 1M in size with a total surface area of 4 sqm. If the eels feed on the surface, observe them everyday from any diseases or strange behavior.


If dried feeds are used, grind them into powder or paste using a domestic type grinder. Maintain in a separate tank or aquarium until they are pencil size.

Budidaya Belut (Eel Culture)

The ricefield eels is worth raising in cemented tanks. There being no established market for Monopterus eels, this economic feasibility is based on existing market of local variety of eels, the Anguilla species locally knows as igat, palos or casili.

After days of water change, check out the belug media in a simple way of putting hands into the media, if it doesn’t feel hot then the seeds are ready to be put in the pool. Ternak belut RIAU updated their cover photo. Collect garden snails from the ricefields to reduce snail population eating rice and feed to the eels.

Before the introduction of eels, plant aquatic plants such as water hyacinth or kangkong on the top soil. Consider the following factors in feeding the eels: Notify me of new posts via email.

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: The ones that are below 40 cm are females budiraya those above 60 cm are males.

BUDIDAYA BELUT | mohfaozanmozan | Flickr

Aguillan, the local variety found in the rivers in Cagayan Aparri and Mindanao Cotabatocan be raised using the same strategy, but the tanks should not have mud. Economic Benefits There being no established market for Monopterus eels, this economic feasibility is based on existing market of local variety of eels, the Anguilla species locally knows as igat, palos or casili. If you have more than one tank, harvest completely so that the next lot is ready in the new tank before harvesting.


The genus Monopterus has six species and are found only in Asia. Starve the eels in holding tanks before transporting live to the market.

For the comparison of land and kohe 3: Afternoon or night the eel starts to be drooling into the magnification pool including water that makes it soak the input also in the magnification pool. Allow the fingerlings to stay inside the tank for three days, if they do not die, that means the tank is ready for the introduction of eels.

Create Herbal Herbal potion Every 2 weeks once give protein adjusted to the size of the pool, it’s good to keep the elements of hara and pool hygiene 8. Make sure not to injure the eels as it may, besides causing death, lower the price in the market. This site uses cookies.

Praktis Budidaya Belut APK Download – Free Education APP for Android |

Layer half of the tank lengthwise. You are commenting using your Facebook account. It facilitates the storage of food for longer periods. To begin with, the feed should be placed at the bottom of the tank and then belt moved blut the surface within a span of few days.

Introduce tilapia or carp fingerlings to check if the tank is ready for culturing eels. Introduce water into the tank, 15 cm above the top layer. Info Harga belut konsumsi Rp.