Abstract. The experiment was aimed to determine the effect of Palm Kernel Cake fermentation by Pleurotus ostreatus (BISF) in ration on the performance of. See All. Reviews. Bungkil Inti Sawit Deli has no reviews yet. Tell people what you think. See All. Photos. Image may contain: text. See All. Posts. Two experiments intended to evaluate the performance of birds offered diet containing 25% palm kernel cake (PKC). One hundred and twenty day old chick Red.

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Researching the use of palm kernel cake in aquaculture feeds.

Large scale oil palm cultivation may require up to 25 different pesticides, including Paraquat, a common herbicide. Although palm kernel cake supplies both protein and energy, it is looked upon more as a source of protein. Digestibility of nutrients in diets containing ammoniated elephant grass and cocoa meal or palm kernel cake fed to sheep.

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Vungkil Society of Animal Productions. In Malaysia, more than 60, cattle are raised in oil palm plantations Khusahry et al. Sheep are very sensitive to copper and levels as low as 25 ppm in the diet can be toxic to them Schoenian, The quality of fermented product depended on the type of microbes and solid media used.

It is considered as a reasonably profitable feed for cattle, both for fattening and supplementary feeding. PKC for fer- mentation was placed on plastic tray, covered with aluminum foil and aerated by punching holesthen incubated in fer- menter at 36 – 37 O C for 48 hours.

The nutritive value of palm kernel meal measured in vivo and using rumen fluid and enzymatic techniques. Nutrient Composition Chemical analysis result of palm kernel cake and the fer- mentation product showed that fermentation could increase nutritional value of palm kernel cake Table 1. Note on a comparative evaluation of palm kernel meal, peanut meal and sunflower meal bunggkil diets for weanling rabbits. Nutrient intake and physiological responses of Kedah-Kelantan cattle.

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PKC fermentation using Candida utilis could improve nutritional val. Bungmil of integrated oil palm-ruminant systems: The effect of phytase and zinc supplementation on palm kernel cake toxicity in sheep. Effect of endocarp content in full-fat palm kernel Elaeis guinensis on its nutritive value. Effects of a carbohydrase cocktail supplementation on the growth performance, nutrient digestibility, blood profiles and meat quality in finishing pigs fed palm kernel meal.

This fermentation pattern suggests that the effective rumen digestion of palm kernel meal is particularly sensitive to transit outflow rates.

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In the past decades, millions of hectares of tropical rainforest in South-East Asia, which provides the highest biodiversity of any terrestrial ecosystem, have been converted to oil palm production. Copra meal and palm kernel meal supplementation with and without molasses and urea to weaner steers grazing Imperata cylindrica pastures in Papua New Guinea.

The animals were randomly assigned to one of three dietary treatments, while the remaining quails were used to measure endogenous protein.

In this research, the process did not occur, and might require longer period [8]. Positive impacts Oil palm is sometimes used for rehabilitating degraded areas.

Experiment was assigned to Completely Randomized Design with two treatments, with fermentation and non-fermentation. Ibadan, University Press Perez, J.

Pemanfaatan Bungkil Inti Sawit Sebagai Media Pertumbuhan Cacing Sutra (Tubifex SP.) – Neliti

Palm kernel meal, mechanical extraction Palm kernel meal, solvent extraction. Palm kernel meal can be used in low density diets for broiler breeders, resulting in higher feed intake and in a reduction in the symptoms of hunger Enting et al.


Somewhat imprecise relationships between OM digestibility, NDF and ADF can be established by pooling together samples of palm kernel and copra meal the regression coefficients are not significantly different between the inri products: During fermentation, lipolysis occurred due to the fat consumed by the leaven for its growth some catalysis reactions induced by lipase enzyme was hydrolysis, ester- synthesis and alcoholysis [21].

This palm tree is cultivated for its oils rich in highly saturated vegetable fats: Palm kernel meal has ihti lower nutritive value than soybean meal for breeding does Aganga et al. Products of yeast metabolism were ethanol, citric acid, acetone, butanol, glutamate acid, lysine, nucleotides, polysaccharide and vitamins [8].

Pemanfaatan Bungkil Inti Sawit Sebagai Media Pertumbuhan Cacing Sutra (Tubifex SP.)

Expansions on oil palm plantation are under constant improvement, particularly those recently developed in Kalimantan and Irian. Abu Hassan et al. Fermentation of palm oil sludge was the most effec- tive using Aspergillus niger at 38 o C for 3 days, following 2-day enzymatic process [12]; [13].

The addition of enzymes has been shown to be bunngkil in pig Ao et al. The fruits are detached from the bunch and conveyed to a digester where they are heated, stirred and screw-pressed to extract the crude palm oil, which is put in clarifying tanks to remove dirt and moisture before decantation and drying Teoh Cheng Hai,