Donald E. Knuth: A számítógép-programozás művészete; Illés Zoltán: Programozás C# nyelven; Stroustrup: C++ Style and Technique FAQ · Kondorosi Károly. Alapjául az ML és OCaml nyelv szolgált, valamint kialakítására hatással volt még a C#, Python, Funkcionális programozás; Imperatív programozás.

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Required User authentication to allow user to feed data on specific timings only. Before bidding check the attachment file. I’m working on a chat software and I need someone to test the functionality of the program, it shouldn’t take long, Just install prorgamozas run.

Looking for c Developer on hourly prpgramozas 6 nap left. I belive that hours guidance is enought. Search a specific folder and all of the subfolders for a string, and then print out the line in a separate file. Required probablity forecast based on historical data and few defined parameters.

Testers needed for Windows Application 5 nap left. Allow multiple logins of a single user from multiple auth providers i. Work station data entry mobile application 6 nap left. Looking for unity fx artist for pc game.

How long it will take? These are the initial draft documents for first phase. We need proper team who can deliver this product on time with quality source code. There are many commercial projects these days that are built proggamozas the C programming environment. Looking for someone that has experience certifying Windows apps using the Windows App Certification Kit. Please Bid if you are expert in Android app development and can understand Delphi code too.


I have property management application that we currently use and we would like to convert it to. Kindly have v# look at the attachment file and let me know can you do this? Windows family After installation, it should create a desktop icon where-in user can start invoke the auto trade service, user should have option to stop auto-trade service. I need this in next 6 hours.

The app fills a byte array and draws it to the screen to display an animation. Hi programmers I have laundry and progtamozas want to make a pos system has a dashboard for managing shop accountants and washing process and clients for washing service order and delivery.

Laundry web POS system 6 nap left. Win Desktop Application 6 nap left. Enable one-time login for app. List your previous fx work done in unity to help increase your programosas in being declared the winner of this [ We are looking for someone which will be able to progfamozas the application name change, and can prepare the exe file and give it to us.

C# programozás Jobs for December | Freelancer

The developer does not have time orogramozas work on updates. We basically need readymade solution from the open source with same feature but in our brand label.

Each milestone will be for dollars. I am looking for paypal api expert in. Only serious developer please. Gang beast animation And model. Unity3D Game Developers needed immediately!

Convert MS Lrogramozas application to. V# as well as Windows. Game development 6 nap left. I have a project which needs to be done in Xamarin. I am looking for a blog website if you have already developed it in the past we can use it otherwise we need to develop from scratch. Hello folks, I’m from Brazil, i have an application that work with many decimal numbers it is for Engineering, the number need be exactly If you are confident feel free to bid.


Dear Developer My project needs to be developed with the following skills: I have the code dokumented using StyleCop rules.

Prefer a new app be written using current stable MonoDevelop and include reading touch input and joystick to points in the buffer. I have fully completed C application so just need to convert it too Android and iOS environment.

We are looking for couple of Windows Desktop based App which can be installed on the computer. I will assign you around 80 fx particle effects to make in unity with references for each particle that needs to be made.

C# programozás Jobs

The is one specific function that the software currently does, by logging into a programlzas, which pr If you can do this job, give me your best rate and timeframe. It should work on both the OS: I need Android developer to make an app for me. Each milestone will require 10 particle effects from unity. Required to build an app for Printing an image at a defined location of the page using the DLL file given proogramozas the printer vendor.