Chattampi Swamikal was one of the greatest legendary social reformers of Kerala. He firmly followed typical qualities of an ideal person and involved in Ahimsa. Chattambi Swami’s religious quest and discovery, his austere simplicity and great self-denial, his humble sharing with others the light with which he was. 25 May Media in category “Chattampi Swamikal”. The following 3 files are in this category , out of 3 total. Chattampi × ; KB.

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Swamiji sowed the seeds of revolution in the fields of belief and custom in Kerala. The vast audience was thrilled.

Chattampi Swamikal – Wikipedia

They are unable to range freely in the open. He had the gift of investigating every problem with complete objectivity and thoroughness of detail, and of getting at the central truth. Athiyar Mutt and knowing this he was permitted to sit inside the classroom. The scraps of paper on which he had scribbled matters of great im- portance got lost in the hands of people who had received them.

He remained firm in his resolve to pursue yoga and vedanta. It was also during this period that Kunjan Pillai showed openly his utter disregard of the inhibitions of casteism. He desired to rest somewhere and con- tinue his studies of ancient manuscripts.

Chattampi Swamikal

To the surprised visitor Swammikal explained, “All these are my friends. Then in utter desperation he gave up all efforts and sat half dead at the helm. Our knowledge of them is.

His ideal of a new social structure com- 53 posed of all chatyampi united by the bond of love has since his time gained much ground. He established that even Sudras had the right to learn Vedas as knowledge is essential to all people like food and water and that no body has the right to deny them.

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To the officer’s enquiry his host replied that his disciples were waiting outside, and he asked the meal to be served. He would enthral his listeners by the way in which he rendered songs in the Telugu, Carnatic and Desya styles. The Christumatha Saram is his summary of what Christianity is, in accordance with the classical Indian Purva paksha tradition. Access- to traditional lore conserved in Sanskrit was also impeded by narrow conventions.

The cottage specially erected for his stay is still preserved under the name of ‘Mahatmaji Mandir’. Swamiji establishes that the land now under sea that lies to the west of Ceylon was the first home of man and that his first language was original Dravidian. When the cart driver whipped his bullock on the roadSwamiji felt such acute pain himself that he 52 rubbed his own sides to relieve the anguish.

On Medam, 20, two of his admirers met him and 59 insisted that he should go to Quilori. To his host who viewed the scene with astonishment Swamiji said: The silver jubilee of Swami’s Mahasamadhi was celebrated in M. While exposing the sacerdotal pretensions of the high priests of society and demolishing the arrogant claims of the top rungs in the ladder of caste hierarchy, in his polemical writings, he never precipitated inter-communal envy or bickerings.

Cashback will be credited as Amazon Pay balance within 15 days. Behind him walked magistrate Andy Pillai, G. If on rare occasions they are unavoidably com- pelled to show it, their intention is not to win credit or impress others.


Swami explored the roots of Kerala society and original inhabitants, and sociologically and genealogically connected most of the present groups in Kerala including the priestly class to common ancestors who were the original inhabitants known as the Nakas.

See all free Kindle reading apps. Swamiji’s works have contributed to the development of Kerala culture. Muntomepilli, finding in the stranger one who seemed to have come to put his skill to trial, employed all his wizardry to establish his superiority over Chattambi Swami- gal. Nanu Pillai who visited him in. Whatever money was essential was left with his companions.

Like the rainbow which blends and radiates all colours in ravishing harmony, so his shining intelligence absorbed and reflected the essence of all arts.


Swamiji knew swimming 28 but his companion did not. InTheerthapada Paramahamsa became Swami’s disciple. On the way, Kumbalam insisted on Swamiji resting for some days in the bungalow at Thottu- vayal in Prakulam. By examining the ancient history of Kerala he aimed at establishing the pre-eminent position which the Nayars enjoyed in this country.

One morning, pointing to the portrait of Gandhiji and reverently foldmg his hands he said: There was sweet music both vocal and instrumental. From him Chattambi learned all the yogic practices prevalent in Tamil- nad. From his tender years he conquered all carnal desires and this enhanced his physical chattamoi spiritual strength. It was not surprising that this spirited and dutiful youung man should be the apple of his eye.