Best Evidence has ratings and 26 reviews. Pete said: I have to take my hat off to David S. Lifton. The author was just a UCLA Physics student in ‘ 27 Oct KTSA radio host Jack Riccardi speaks with DAVID LIFTON who discusses what is the best evidence we have in the JFK assassination. 1 Nov The Paperback of the Best Evidence: Disguise and Deception in the Assassination of John F. Kennedy by David S. Lifton at Barnes & Noble.

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Lifton’s account of how this was done is almost impossible to follow, almost impossible to believe and almost impossible to refute. Lifton born is an American author who wrote the bestseller Best Evidence: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. In the end Lifton concludes liton even when the files are opened to the public, the truth will remain hidden 26why 26because what was put in the files was altered or false to begin with.

Jul 31, Michael Dorosh rated it did not like it.

Best Evidence by David S. Lifton

He posits that after John F. Best of all, the book takes a new look at the Warren Commission and instead of saying look, the Warren Commission was false and a complete cover up he takes a sensible look at their work and how the Fascinating book although I can’t really accept Lifton’s central thesis that President Kennedy s body was altered to fit in with the Oswald lone shooter theory.

Instead, the best evidence of the crime is examined — and in this case the “best evidence” is JFK’s remains. This book is about the author 19s process of doing research and investigation into the Kennedy Assassination.

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A very powerful book. I understand it was to show that the brain was tampered with before liftton autopsy to prove that the bullets only came from one direction Oswald and that there couldn’t be more than one shooter, lifron I’m not a doctor. I found it interesting at the timed and had fun diving into the questions and unknowns, but I eventually donated my copy as it’s just not something I feel compelled to keep on my shelf. That was the impetus of his work. A bets and very profound account of the crime of the twentieth century and the blackest of black ops.

Fascinating book although I can’t really accept Lifton’s central thesis that President Kennedy s body was altered to fit in with the Oswald lone shooter theory. Return to Book Page. You won’t read much about Oswald, Ruby, or the group of standard suspects here.

The Warren volumes, the House Select Committee, a huge list of released documents under the freedom of information act. While I believe there was a conspiracy to kill him, I’m not a fanatic about it. He investigates the statistical impossibility of the large number of people involved that came to an untimely death within a year after the assassination.

This is Lifton’s premise regarding the Kennedy assassination. In that report Lifton discovered a evidencce in the report that caught his attention Referring to the deceased president on the autopsy table pifton autopsy prosector stated: I can’t really think of too many books better in that matter. Sep 27, Norman Nelson added it. I don’t know, but the “lucky shot plus magic bullet” nest is as hard to swallow as any conspiracy theory. Retrieved May 25, I have to take my hat off to David S.

He quit his aerospace job, devoting all his time to the Kennedy assassination. This is not a direct conspiracy theory book, but it beat you to conclude yourself by preponderance of evidence that some combination of government involvement was involved.

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People will believe what they want, make scenarios pro or con conspiracy.

This was my entry point into this world of doubters, and has led me to many other books. In fact, when Jackie was next to the casket before going on to Air Force One, it might have been a fake empty casket. Views Read Edit View history. Jul 24, Dick Baldwin rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Frankly, I’ve long accepted the idea that almost anything is possible when it comes to this infinitely complex case.

Lifton grew up in Rockaway Beach, New York. A real page turner!

DAVID LIFTON discusses evidence we have on the JFK assassination

Lifton was one of the early Warren Report critics; the book was not published untilbut Lifton’s research efforts began immediately after Life published frames from the Zapruder film. I will never be a doctor and a lot of the stuff written about I just will never understand. Autopsy photos, doctor and FBI reports at both Texas and Maryland facilities point to the same thing: In summary, if you’re a big JFK fan, you will probably like this but prepare to not davidd anything else for at least three weeks.

Lifton painstakingly goes through the evidence as it was presented in the autopsy report.

DAVID LIFTON discusses evidence we have on the JFK assassination | KTSA

Who can judge the truth of it, but fascinating nonetheless! Whatever you think of Lifton’s theory, though, Best Evidence is still well worth reading. Pursuit of Records” PDF. Jun 01, Tom Gase rated it liked it.