The astrologer Lorne Edward Johndro () To accomplish the hard science of astrological forecasting, Charles Jayne tutored me on the. “L. EDWARD JOHNDRO was a brilliant engineer, mathematician, and Canadian astrologer who independently co-discovered (with Charles Jayne) the Vertex‚Äďa. Birthname, Johndro, Lorne Edward. born on, 30 January at (= AM). Place, Franklin Center, Canada, 45n02, 73w Timezone, LMT m73w

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Solar arcs became a prime tool in rectification, especially for directing Uranus to the angles. Posted by Time-Price-Research at 1: Edward Johndro was 48 years old when Great Depression: It was built by the Harland and Wolff shipyard in Belfast.

He utilized the Campanus house system in the conventional house and in his new 24 half-house system. Many of his concepts were based upon Johndro’s ideas. Edward Johndro,30 Jan Bill Meridian notes that this was the same date and year as President Franklin D. Johndro followed this conclusion with more testing and found Jayne’s finding to be accurate. Then, copy and paste the text into your bibliography or works cited list. The background is part of a vast collection at ABC Giant.

Find more about Edward An original thinker, he created an astrological chart calculating a method for un-timed births and, inwas the author of “Stars: Johndro advanced new ideas in A New Conception Of Sign Rulershipsand in The Earth In The Heavens he established a basis for locational astrology, which also allowed precise examination of event timing even without a known birthtime.

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Jayne said in The Earth in the Heavens.

Johndro – Urania Trust

One important piece of information is that Johndro and his partner, Kenneth Brown, did all of the astrological stock market work for W. Aside from this, the terms day and night and seasons have no meaning. They agreed that this point was fated and represented matters beyond our control. Church of Light file c. These events may be initiations or terminations.

If such is the case, this will not be the first time that a man’s star has shown forth after his death. He commenced his study of astrology in July ofthe same month during which his future partner W. This honed his rdward approach to astrology. If all men were born and lived at either of the earth’s poles, and had access to no knowledge of life at other points on the earth’s surface, we would never evolve the concepts of hour cycles of the day and night. Jayne jobndro that if one could successfully rectify 50 charts, one would become an excellent jojndro.

Church of Light file c.

L Edward Johndro

I met John Addey about 35 years ago. Hope this helps some: Life timeline of Edward Johndro. Relationships on the headstone add.

The astrologer had a toolbox of techniques to dip into to solve any problem. He gave me a list of the basic meanings of each harmonic, 1 through 9. What Makes A True Astrologer? MC 14 Leo Johndro was also intrigued by the new field of electronics and worked as an electrical engineer during World War I and after the war attended the National Radio Institute.


We hear or otherwise become aware of them in what to each of us is a ‘later’ hour, day, or month or year.

The planets had much lower vibratory rates, and served to modulate the energy of the stars. Solar wind and the effects of solar discharges upon the solar wind create a pressurizing mechanism for the continuous auroral flow at the negative incoming pole that will contain travelling matter and unique signatures from all of the planets in our solar system.

Laurouse Encyclopedia of Astrology. This page was last modified on 22 Septemberat The ones given by Steinbrecher 49 N. On Earth, the planetary discharges arrive channelled by the magnetic field and are drawn through the negative auroral oval and through electromagnetic commonality and through biophysical processes are acted upon by human beings.

Albert Einstein was a German-born theoretical physicist who developed the theory of relativity, one of the two pillars of modern physics. The former method created events while the latter controlled the public reaction to events.

StoneCypher October 5, Psychology Platonic Philosophy, Part 4: