All the red and yellow LED’s above the Instrument-Track buttons will light and the Display will read “ENSONIQ EPS.” If there is no disk in the drive the Display will. This Manual is copyrighted and all rights are reserved by ENSONIQ Corp. .. Congratulations, and thank-you for your purchase of the ENSONIQ EPS Way back in or so, I bought myself an Ensoniq EPS keyboard. . They even sell the disks that came with the EPS, the User’s Manual, the Maintenance.

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Volume Smoothing will help make the level constant. If the image files you are making arebytes KByou are using the wrong format. As soon as any of the Instruments is finished loading you can select that Instrument and play while the rest of the Bank loads. If any other Instruments are loaded, you can select them in the same way, and adjust their volumes.

Ensoniq Corporation – EPS – Musician’s Manual

The Reverse Crossfade works well with multiple source sounds such as string sections, brass ensembles and choirs. Synth Zone – A collection of links related to Ensoniq keyboards.

Delete any existing Instruments, and let’s start over. Hit Sample, then pick the same Sample Instrument. Suppose you have two Layers with two Wavesamples each: You can decrement loop position in the same way you had incremented it for the Ensemble Cross Fade.

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Ensoniq ASR/EPS Archive – R-Massive

This manual is a. It’s easy to save the contents of the EPS memory as a Bank. How to use drum loops, and make them match your sequencer tempo exactly Provides original mp3 demos and sys-ex downloads for various Oberheim, Waldorf, Yamaha and Novation synths.

The EPS makes it easy to “multisample” – which is what we call this process of making several samples within one Instrument.

This means that the contents of a Bank are limited to the size of a single floppy disk unless you have a hard disk connected to the EPS via the optional SCSI port. This command maximizes manhal dynamic range of a Wavesample.

However, putting the O. If you want to give the Instrument a new name, do so at this time. His renowned expertise is coupled with a knack for explaining the technical side of things in a fun, understandable style. Enosniq middle C the same root key. Keyboards, rack-mounted voice modules, drum machines, sequencers and other MIDI devices can all be connected in this fashion.

The difference is that with a sampler such as the EPS you can play the recording back at many different pitches at once.

Here you determine the current Instrument, Layer and WaveSample. ESQ-1 patches – ucsd.

Add brand new sound FX algorithms to your sampler. Make enspniq root key the lowest C. The manual settings are: Play the synth or recording, or speak into the mic.

Up to eight Instruments can inhabit the keyboard in a way that might be termed a “Pile o’ Instruments. Press the Left or Right Arrow button again to return to the file name. Volume balance controls the relative volumes of the source and destnation Wavesamples. Suppose, for example, you record a Track with a piano sound, but then load a kazoo sample into the Instrument location where the piano was.

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That is, you will hear the most recently selected Instrument over its whole range when you play the keyboard. Wherever an Instrument is not “covered up,” it will continue to play on the keyboard.

Ensoniq ASR/EPS Archive

If not, press its Instrument-Track button to select it. Make the lowest C on the keyboard the root key for sample “one” in Layer 1. However, wps there can be large numbers of Wavesamples inside a single Instrument, the EPS provides two ways of editing more than one Wavesample at once. Once on a Page, the Left and Right Arrow buttons can be used to scroll about among the manaul on that Page.

See Page 26 of the Musician’s Manual for more on multisampling, or Page 7 in this outline. The first four are the times between the 5 levels.

Therefore, in this Mode, using the Patch Selects can change what is being edited.