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Rev Bras Epidemiol estatistoca 9 1: Rudio defines data collection as the research phase whose objective is to obtain information from reality.

Services on Demand Journal. From the presence of sustainability in corporate strategy, new approaches to performance measurement have emerged, including sustainability indicators, to address changes and developments in the organizational environment, and concern about the business impact on future generations Neely et al.

Regarding the measurement of the level of corporate sustainability, the GRID application found that only four of the 13 companies investigated had a weak or unsatisfactory overall performance score 0in contrast with the other six companies that obtained a score of 3, which presented a high level of business sustainability, which leads to the finding of division crspo the companies studied in basically two groups: According to Callado et Fensterseifercompanies were motivated to consider the adoption of sustainability practices based on the perception that the pursuit of profitability oblivious to the principles of sustainability could not guarantee the continuity of the organization, and that the integration of aspects economic, environmental, and social factors would allow it to extend its activities for a longer period and generate an increase in the market value of its shares.

According to Mourathere are quantitative indicators when variables are quantifiable and qualitative when results cannot be expressed in numbers, but in opinions, satisfaction, etc. Rev Panam Salud Publica ; 13 The results show that a little more than half of the companies in the sector eestatistica grinding between thousand and 1 million tons of sugarcane, faci, the others presented quite diversified volume.

Adequate performance measurement enables managers to communicate performance expectations to subordinates; know what is actually happening in the organization; identify, analyze and eliminate esratistica provide feedbacks; present rewards; and have a decision-making process based on effective information Rummler et Brache, Journal of Behavioral Medicine ; 21 4: In the last decades, the increasing concern of society with the degradation of the environment and with the social aspects related to the quality of life made evident the deficiencies of the State Federal, State and Municipal Government in providing the various social and environmental needs of the present time.

The quantitative approach is generally adopted in descriptive research, and its purpose is to discover and classify the relationship between variables Beuren, According to Marconi et Lakatosthe population or universe of a study is constituted by the set of elements that will be researched having at least one characteristic in common. Revista Brasileira de Medicina do Esporte ; 7 6: The traditional financial measures are established between companies and economic sectors and are subordinated to the norms dictated by the authorities, besides being supported in well-accepted consolidated accounting practices.


Inequalities young people’s health: The second factor considered was the geographical aspect.

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Considering the objective proposed for this research, as well as the methodological procedures adopted, the data collected were used to obtain the results. Although profit has historically been regarded as the main purpose of companies, there is now a reconciling trend between profitability and social interests and environmental preservation. The Geographic Meso-region of Mata Pernambucana, an area favorable to the cultivation of sugarcane due to soil and climate conditions, comprises the following geographic microregions: The authors themselves The statistical findings presented a result of significance between the time the company operates cacil the level of sustainability and between the company’s turnover and the level of sustainability.

Adolescence is typically a developmental phase characterized by change and experimentation and therefore varying exposure to health hazards. Constant changes in the business environment modify product concepts, consumer preferences and requirements, forcing companies to maintain a flexible approach to processes.

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Despite possible limitations involving field research in this area, some suggestions for future research may be reported. Organizations are seeking adaptations to cdespo new demands; thus, the controller rstatistica an ally in this information support process for decision making.

Analysis of the relationship between the profile of companies and the level of sustainability. Partial sustainability scores related to the economic, social and economic dimensions, as well as the overall corporate sustainability score, were calculated based on the procedures proposed by the Corporate Sustainability Grid Grid de Sustentabilidade Empresarial — GSE Callado, According to Marion et al.

Data collection was the fourth methodological aspect considered. Sustainable performance indicators are useful tools for business management, whose purpose is to synthesize information about the efficiency and effectiveness of the company in the use of available resources for the generation of an end product, from an economic, environmental and social point of view Cantarino et al.

To reach the proposed goal of this research, we considered the groups of variables detailed by classifications and measurement scales in Table 2. Aware of the importance of sustainability for business management, it is a fundamental issue for managers to seek the use of indicators that consolidate quantitative and qualitative information that allows the visualization of the efficiency and effectiveness of the company in the use of the resources available for the generation of an end product from the economic, environmental and social point of view Cantarino et al.

The United States of America, U. Fifty-seventh world health assembly. Two agro-industries stood out with the largest volume of crushed sugar cane from 1. In this way, it can be seen that, from the two classifications, the sector can be characterized as consisting predominantly by large companies.

Measures must be estatisticq or, in other words, should reflect financial and non-financial data, internal and external, of efficiency and effectiveness; They should provide a succinct and simple view of reality, enabling a quick understanding on the part of all users; They should be multidimensional, reflecting all areas that are important to the success of the organization, yet there is no general consensus – prescriptive – about what areas these are; The general frameworks should enable an understanding on what is happening, making it possible to check for omissions or failures; Facli should be integrated across the organization’s areas and hierarchy, facilitating crdspo congruence between goals and actions; They should explain how outcomes are achieved through the factors that guide or determine them, enabling both a view of control over the past and a contribution to planning for the future.


The consolidation of this concept was fundamental for the change of the paradigm of the companies, whose main objectives were the economic ones. The interviews lasted from 40 to 60 minutes and were performed in loco.

We aimed at estimating the prevalence of protective and risk health behaviors of adolescents interviewed in the National Adolescent School-based Health Survey PeNSE. According to Ciegis et al.

Youth Risk Behavior Survey. The sample corresponded to These important events brought together the strengthening of the concept of sustainable development based on the tripod of economic and social development and the guarantee of environmental protection. Sustainability indicators, therefore, allow measuring the level of sustainability and, consequently, the development of best practices in the pursuit of sustainable performance and the creation of value for all its stakeholders: The second methodological aspect considered was the definition of the universe to be investigated, considering that agribusiness is a segment of recognized importance for the country’s economy, since it reflects a significant generation of income and employment and gives Brazil a prominent position in the world trade, and the sugar and alcohol sector is part of the group of relevant activities in the Brazilian scenario.

These results should guide stakeholders and policy makers in the development and implementation of programs and recommendations aimed at curtailing unhealthy exposures of adolescents in Brazil.

Ministerio de Sanidad y Consumo, Universidad de Sevilla; After identifying the characteristics of the companies investigated, the results of the survey were obtained on the level of business sustainability, initially detailing the results regarding partial scores in the economic, social and environmental dimensions Table 4. The results regarding the time of operation of the companies in the market are dstatistica in Table 1. Trends in behaviors that contribute to violence YRBS: According to Leitethe definition of the universe delimits the field of research in terms of time, geographical, sectoral or any other dimension that may be based on the availability or the ease of obtaining data or based on the objectives and costs of research execution.

Size of agro-industries in the esatistica of Pernambuco investigated, according to the level of turnover and number of employees. These metrics have the purpose of identifying whether the organization is favorable or against the interrelation of the cresop, social and environmental dimensions Veleva et Ellenbecker, It is a segment that has a cespo impact on the national GDP and generates a significant number of jobs.