God Speaks has ratings and 23 reviews. Talat said: My daughter called this book epic. That’s a good way to start to intimate what kind of work this. God Speaks. Meher Baba. Hardcover pages Sheriar Books is a (c)(3) (non-profit) corporation © Sheriar Foundation. Quotes from Meher Baba. Books written By Avatar Meher Baba. 1. God Speaks rses Gods’ Hand te Intelligence of Love Humanity Everything.

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After most impressions have been exhausted, a certain temporary equilibrium is reached and the soul is ready to associate itself with the next human form. If you are like me, and always wondered how it all began and how it all works and what the purpose of it all is, this book gd satisfy you.

Gaynor rated it it was amazing. This is the ultimate goal of life: Sean Reeves rated it it was amazing Nov 28, If we liken the manifestation of the First Urge as the imagined separation of one drop from the ocean, then the infinite ocean comes to look upon itself through this drop as merely this most finite, haba limited drop of the infinite and unlimited ocean.

The very first forms which the indivisible Soul’s consciousness identifies its eternal Self with, according to Meher Baba, are seven gaseous forms the seventh of which is Hydrogen, according to a footnote. We have a connection to that eternity, and it our journey on earth to find union with our eternal non-self In the stone and metal forms, consciousness asserts itself through a recumbent, folded-up position in the gross world, with no voluntary motion. The explanations in God Speaks are hard to fathom but at the same time, internally consistent.

Eruch completed his writing work in July Supposedly it’s best to read aloud. Soeaks the entire process of evolution, the soul has been consciously identifying itself with the evolving gross body shariryet, unconsciously, it seaks also been identifying itself with the evolving subtle and mental body pran and mana. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Right from the first chapters, God Speaks is eerily reminiscent of L.


We have opened a message board to honro those who have got this far and for those who want to go deeper into interdependent truths or should we sppeaks the truth of interdependence. According to God Speaksin the evolution of consciousness, before the Soul has any consciousness of speqks or itself, there is an infinite, impressionless unconscious tranquil state. By the way, there is bby a word of philosophy in this book, it is written from experience.

God Speaks by Meher Baba

In Sufi terms this state is called Baqaa. Baba’s use of the word “reincarnation” does not correlate with what is described as “transmigration of the soul” in Theosophy and certain other esoteric schools of thought. Not tod able to control its feelings or thoughts, the soul is strongly tempted to handle infinite energy. According to Meher Baba, at any time on Earth there are always exactly five who have arrived at the final state of “living God’s life” as in bana 3 and these are the five Perfect Masters.

When the impressions through association with a particular form have been exhausted, the soul dissociates from that form. This is primarily a book for the mind, in the sense that it requires deep thought and study, and does not appeal so directly to our emotional or devotional side as do Baba’s short messages and exhortations to His followers.

No trivia or quizzes yet. Bal Natu would read out every word and its meaning and, when required, Baba would correct a point.

In quadruped animal form, an increasingly erect position is experienced, with much more developed attributes. God Speaks takes a strictly nondualist approach in explaining the universe and its purpose, carefully clarifying and syncretising terms as it takes the reader through the spiritual journey of the atma soul through its imagined evolutionreincarnationand involutionto its goal, its origin, of Paramatma Over-soul.

God Speaks – Wikipedia

See 1 question about God Meber. While Meher Baba declared “I come not to teach, but to awaken”, [3] and did not prescribe intellect as a path to perfection, in God Speaks Meher Baba goes deeper into the subject of metaphysics than other Indian spiritual masters.

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Gustav Birath rated it it was amazing Dec 01, I would highly recommend this book When byy human form is reached, consciousness is fully developed and asserts itself through the ideal medium in a fully upright stance.

How universe works and how The man called God controls the power to negotiate with us. It’s also, what we in mehrr writing business call, a “magic system” for the eternal nature of the soul. Dec 29, Talat rated it it was amazing Shelves: The subtle sphere refers to energy, or pranaa gross aspect of which is nuclear energy. Evolution is driven by consciousness. The process of the soul’s successive association with human forms is called reincarnation.

Return to Book Page. This marks the beginning of its involution.

Plane five is the plane of the mind; plane six is the heart’s mental dimension. Nov 16, Helena rated it it was amazing Shelves: Meher Baba’s explanations do not come to disprove any scientific discoveries of biological evolution, but rather examine a different side of the process. So, in the fifth and sixth planes, predominant is the soul’s love for God, as lover of the divine Beloved. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

From 10 July to the end of his life, Meher Baba maintained silence, communicating by means of an alphabet board or by unique hand gestures.

God Speaks

Those who want to know how the universe works. One day when the world find out what meher baba says and wrote is just a fact. Also I was deeply disturbed to find that my understanding of time was speals wrong. I was surprised to find that I already knew most of what’s in here, from the “zeitgeist,” if you can call it that.