Godplayer [Robin Cook] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Dr. Cassandra Kingsley is about to discover that neither her marriage nor her job . About Robin Cook. Robin Cook, MD, is the author of more than 30 books and is credited with popularizing the medical thriller with his groundbreaking and wildly . Eleven. Twelve. Thirteen. Fourteen. Fifteen. Epilogue. Godplayer by Robin Cook. To Barbara and Fluffy—my constant companions and my most willing listeners.

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The main them Like seriously? It starts as the marriage of true minds—two gifted young physicians burning with the will to heal, soul mates as well as lovers. Quite a disappointment coming from such a great author as Robin Cook. By clicking on “Submit” you agree that you have read and agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. To top it off, patients have been dying off that she and her former pathologist partner think is suspicious, but they haven’t been able to discover how it is being done, then the pathologist dies after he has surgery and then when she has eye surgery she is almost killed.

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Glad Robin Cook’s writing and stories have improved since this one was written. Your husband tried to kill you twice, but you’re still in love with him? Ways to Hide in Winter. Please try again later.


There was a problem adding your email address. To date, he has explored issues such as organ donation, genetic engineering,fertility treatment, medical research funding, managed robun, medical malpractice, drug research, drug pricing, specialty hospitals, stem cells, and organ transplantation. Sep 01, Pages. Did we just run out of pages? You bet–especially since both she and Robert, by coincidence, will be having surgery eye and wisdom teeth respectively at the hospital during the same week.

This book made no sense at all.


He is best known for being the author who created the medical-thriller genre by combining medical writing with the thri Librarian Note: Thanks for telling us about the problem. Sexism is rampant throughout the book, Cassi has all the resolve of a wet noodle, never trusts herself without her husband’s opinion, won’t schedule necessary eye surgery because her husband hasn’t chatted it over with her yet, and dear criminy I’ll stop now, before I blow a vein or something.

Many have been made into motion pictures. Jul 06, Kylee rated it liked it.

And when she sets out to find the truth, it may just kill her. Which of the following best describes you? Cassandra is convinced that someone is killing terminal patients—someone who holds the power of life and death in his hands and who wields it like the angel of death. I’m not even half way through this book and I can already rate it.

Also in A Medical Thriller. The characters are just awful, so far the plot is going nowhere and the writing is just plain bad. I think some parts of the book drag and didn’t have anything to do with the gosplayer. An OK book, but not one of Cook’s best. Although this book ended up being fairly predictable, it was suspenseful, and I couldn’t put it down.


GODPLAYER by Robin Cook | Kirkus Reviews

Books by Robin Cook. Once you start reading, you can’t put it down! So absurd ribin plot, ridiculous. A fast paced quick read with a very simplistic plot and characters that lack clarity or interest. Promise Not to Tell. Then there was the stereotypical mother-in-law-who-hates-her-d This was the worst book I’ve ever read by Robin Cook.

Godplayer Book Summary and Study Guide

Furthermore, Cook Coma, Fever, etc. I especially liked reading it because I could see how Mr. Thomas Kingsley, Boston Memorial’s top cardiac surgeon, a three-bypass-a-day man who’s secretly popping pills Dexedrine, Peroodan and forever complaining about the OR time devoted to hopeless “”teaching”” cases. There was no action throughout the majority of the book.

As the solidity of Cassandra’s marriage begins to crumble, the dependable security of the hospital world around her seems equally menaced: As I read on though, his true colours were revealed.