How Doctors Think has ratings and reviews. Kirsti said: Things that you should find worrisome if a doctor says them to you or a loved one:*. The same shortcuts that help physicians save lives can also lead to grave errors. Jerome Groopman on the psychology of diagnosis. In this myth-shattering book, Jerome Groopman pinpoints the forces and thought processes behind the decisions doctors make. Groopman explores why doctors.

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Patients can help their physicians think more broadly by asking some basic questions: It’s crucial to listen to the patient without interruptions to record their stated symptoms accurately to avoid making rushed decisions to arrive at an unnecessary diagnosis that could be very well avoided.

How doctors think

Instead of expanding a doctor’s thinking, they can constrain it. Groopman walks through a large number of examples roctors a range of medical fields to illustrate some of the more common cognitive errors: I concluded that the next generation of doctors was being conditioned to function like a well-programmed computer that operates within a strict binary framework.

Author information Copyright and License information Disclaimer. But the more Anne ate, the worse she felt. The recommendations he made were based on a purely logical understanding of cardiac physiology.

The physical examination begins with the first visual impression in the waiting room, and with the tactile feedback gained by shaking a person’s hand.

An important key in finding the right balance is to be aware of how those emotions affect interactions with patients and the decision-making process.

In today’s parlance, these primary care physicians are termed “gatekeepers,” because they open the portals to specialists. Falchuk was a prominent specialist, that there was a long waiting list to see him.

It then illustrates this with a bunch of stories of touching stories of First of all, I should say that I’m a doc. We found it interesting, but repetitive. This book helped me make decisions that gave me the patience to weather many tests and consultations that led to the discover of my coronary artery disease before I got a heart attack. That day Anne was seeing Dr.

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Every doctor makes mistakes in diagnosis and treatment. We have all asked ourselves exactly what brought him to propose a certain diagnosis and a particular treatment and to reject the alternatives. Each needs to keep an eye on a neutral shore where flags are planted to warn of perilous emotional currents”. Facebook Twitter Flipboard Email. Jay Katza clinical instructor at Yale Law School has since termed these coping mechanisms under the rubric ‘disregard of uncertainty’, which he believes physicians develop to deal with the anxiety of shifting from the certainty of theoretical discussions of medicine early in their training to its more happenstance practical application.

The thought processes of physicians is an insight few of us have had to encounter. I leave that up to future readers to understand this part. Groopman suggests we shouldn’t; in fact, How Doctors Think is organized around learning from these mistakes. The society has a lot to learn from doctors to understand that lies cannot be made up, its crucial to share all info even if repeating the story is highly needed, and that they should cut some slack for the doctor that is already under tremendous stress when dealing with more than 5 patients a day.

‘How Doctors Think’

This book is not without its occasional gems – I like the idea that “the perfect is the enemy of the good” in reference to managing patient jsrome pre- and post-surgery Ch. Misdiagnosis or another diagnosis are possible with same symptom 4. If you want to read the underlying social science, and can stomach more academese, you can get a lot deeper than this in Judgment under Uncertainty. But today’s rigid reliance on evidence-based medicine risks having the doctor choose care passively, solely by the numbers.

Falchuk requested, at the beginning, reciting the long and tortuous story of her initial symptoms, the many doctors she had seen, the tests she had undergone. Doctors, like all of us, are subject to many of the ‘fast thinking’ pattern recognition System 1to use Kahneman’s phrase as all of us.

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Groopman closes with an epilogue giving advice for patients. The woman did not find the diagnosis convincing and did much research on her own. I also realized that we must always questioned ourselves even if we have achieve a great deal of knowledgethere will be always something to learn!

Anne was also evaluated by numerous specialists: After nearly four decades, he has not lost his excitement about caring for patients.

‘How Doctors Think’ : NPR

Informed choice is necessary, sometimes it helps the patient to make decision by themselves. A must reading book for both patients and doctors!

Is it possible that I left out something important that I don’t realize is important? Archived from the original on April 22, Jjerome a long moment Anne sat mute, still searching for the date.

How doctors think

One member of the team first presents the salient aspects of the case and then we move as a group jerkme the bedside, where we talk to the patient and examine him.

Sep 08, Jamie Mealey rated it really liked it. To ask other readers questions about How Doctors Thinkplease sign up.

Trivia About How Doctors Think. If he wasn’t happy, imagine what happens to the rest of us. I like how Groopman includes other health professions not just doctors right?

His calm made it seem as though he jegome all the time in the world. The two hematologists Anne had consulted attributed the low blood counts to her nutritional deficiency. Jan 04, Pris robichaud rated it it was amazing.