The Kularnava Tantra is held in high esteem by Kaula tantriks. This tantra does exist in English translation (Prachya Prakashan, ) but this chapter is my. The “Kularnava Tantra” is a major text in the Kula tradition of Shaktism and Tantric Shaivism. The term comes from the Sanskrit, kula, meaning “family” or “ clan”;. Kularnava Tantra – Taranath Vidyaratna, Arthur Avalon कुलार्णव तन्त्र – तारानाथ Kulachudamani Tantra – Girisha Chandra Vedantatirtha. Uploaded .

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Know therefore the Sastra of Kula is none other than the Sastra of the Yeda, vedatmakam Sastram viddhi kaulat- makam.

What is Kularnava Tantra? – Definition from Yogapedia

Are they therefore Yogins? Bear the body for the sake of the Guru; acquire wealth for the sake of the Guru; exert yourself for the Guru regardless of your own life. The Pashu should there- fore avoid this method v In a word it is the highway of mukti and bhukti in the highest sense. But Kaula know- ledge can only be gained by one whose mind is pure and who has controlled his senses v The flowers may lie on the head but it is the nose and not the head that gets their fragrance.

He fails to see that with every engliwh that passes his body decays. The face in the North is blue in colour and with three eyes.

With their backs turned on the Real Truth to be known, the Divine, they pore over books ceaselessly, anxiously, saying ‘this is to be known’, ‘this englisu knowledge’, and so on.

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Kularnava Tantra (Sanskrit Text with English Translation) by Rai, Ram Kumar

He sins who takes to wine and the like for pleasure. When the Divine is conceived with form, it is contemplated upon in its several limbs, feet, hands etc.

On the throne, on a triangular seat within the petals of the lotus, is Shiva, adorned with the Moon and the Sun with Devi Ambika forming half of his body Service done with devotion according to one’s means has the same merit whether little or much, whether by the rich or the poor.

Englush not all are aware of the precious oppor- tunity tahtra by this human birth which is verily the ladder to liberation, sopanabhuta moksasya. But the one to be worshipped especially is the Guru who shows what is Dharma and what is not.

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To him who sees the All- pervading, Peaceful, Blissful, Imperishable, tahtra can remain still to be attained or still to be known? Each Deity is to be received with the honour that belongs” to it, with the Mantra that is proper to its order. Just as the essence of Speech is there below kularnaca the basic centre, muladhara, just as the lowest in the rung – the sudras and the like – are the effective instrumentations, similarly in the Ocean of Kula all knowledge is founded on the paduka.

Emglish this condition there is as it were an invasion, a possession, by the Dynamic Shiva, Bhairava, and there ensues an equality of eye towards all. There are other impostors also. This is called Ajapa Gayatri and is ever the bestower of Nirvana to the yogins. Why the observances that emaciate the body? Whether you are endowed with class, learning, or wealth, seeing the Guru from afar, prostrate yourself with joy and circumambulate around him kilarnava.

The Guru is he who with consideration regulates the disciple afraid of the fear of samsara by means of observances, fasts, rules etc.

Kularnava Tantra (Sanskrit Text with English Translation)

The Urdhvamnaya is supreme, above the knowledge contained in the four amnayas. It has to be worked out by yourself from within yourself. While entering the home of the Guru, be calm of mind, devoted in the extreme; leave out your vehicle, sandals, umbrella, fan and the like, betel, collyrium and make-up, and enter slowly.

He who fails on this path is likely to go to Hell. Hide my email address. ArthurAvalon This work teaches the tantric rituals in great details and propounds the basic philosophy ofTantrism, revealing the best aspects ofSaktism.

Even the gods are deluded otherwise. Such are to be rejected.

After knowing this quintessential and boon giving mantra, one always becomes steady, Dear One. Keep up the great work guys! Who knows the quartette of what is forming and what is formed, the form and what is beyond form – he is the Guru.

Much more than the material side of twntra worship, the upasaka has to be careful of his psychological state of mind and soul. But only he lives meaningfully whose mind is settled in the Law of the Kula. Whosoever knows the Shri Paraprasada mantra comes to be liberated from evil limitations, kularnavs purified being, dear to the Guru, and not in any other way. Death follows the forsaking of the Mantra; wretched poverty follows the forsaking of the Guru; forsaking of both the Guru tanta the Mantra leads to the very hell.


If here you do not kjlarnava and work out the means for your release where else is it possible? Kanti Chandra Pandey Hardcover Edition: The statues arrived yesterday.

The grosser kind of medita- tion with Form is resorted to when the mind is very unsteady and needs to be given a prop, a concrete object on which to fix itself so that it may not wander away.

Like the sun who dries up everything, like Agni who consumes everything, the yogi takes all to himself, but is not tainted by any sin.

As to Narayana, to Mahadeva, to one’s own mother and father, so kularnaav devotion to be had to one’s own Guru. Do they become yogins thereby? The worshipper shall bow down to the woman, who is to be worshipped englosh certain rituals – mark that she may be of any age from one year onwards for purposes of worship of the maiden, kumari puja – as a deity, devata buddliya.

Fish matsya are the two fishes moving in Ganga and Yamuna i. And why is this form called yantra? Life is seen and is then gone like lightning. The Colophon however states that the portion here printed is only the fifth part of the whole Tantra consisting of 1,25, verses.

The Kularnava is worthy of a close study- by those who would understand the tenets and practices of the School of which it is a Shastra. Even your own wealth you shall uti- lise only after offering to the Guru.

It is then that offerings made according to the instruction of the Guru, to the accompaniment of proper Mantras, reach their destination. Clearly, he becomes Shiva.