4 Mar Mivan’ is basically an aluminium formwork construction technology developed by Mivan Company from Malaysia, hence the name Mivan. 18 Sep Mivan tech. 1. Mivan Technology TEJAS ; 2. Introduction ā€¢ It is the information about AdvanceTechnologies In Building Construction. 21 Jun Achieving the ā€œ3-Sā€ system in the MIVAN formwork is quite easy. MIVAN formwork has got the unsurpassed speed of construction due to saving.

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Merits And Demerits Of Mivan Technology

The development of formworks is parallel with the growth of concrete construction throughout the 20th century. The fixing of the electrical conduits takes about 10 hrs and finally pouring of concrete takes place in these. Ensure wall formwork is erected to the setting out lines. It is the need of time to analyze the depth of the problem and find effective solutions.

What is the loading percentage in such construction? It is design flexible and easy to erect. It is a rectangular structure and is cut according to the size of the beam.

The new gen developers are giving the required thrust to these new construction technologies which in turn is providing the much-needed global shape to the construction industry. Mivan technology comes out to be reasonably economical and better equipped for fast construction of mass housing. Then the aim was to reduce the weight of the system and the materials for formwork have extended to aluminium, plastic, fibre glass etc.

In the present day scenario of shortage of construction manpower constructjon escalating constrjction, the developers are trying the new Mivan technology which is very well suited in the high rise buildings with typical floors saving time and money in comparison to the conventional brick column beam construction texhnology.


The system involves structural elements such as pre-cast hollow column shells pre-cast concrete beams, light weighed reinforced cellular autoclaved concrete slabs for floor and roofs constituting the basic structural formwork.

Construction technology is fast evolving in the Indian real estate market. As the formwork can be reused over times, the initial cost per unit of forming area is less when compared to traditional methods.


The integrated use the technology results in a durable structure. Technoloby Kharkhanis, Pashmina Builders. Integral and smooth finishing of wall and slab- Smooth finish of aluminium can be seen vividly on walls. In technical terms, a huge number of houses can be constructed at much faster speed using Mivan shuttering as this system of formwork construction runs the structural system in one continuous pour.

Factually, Mivan is an aluminium formwork system manufactured by Mivan Company Ltd, Malaysia in the year Shortage of construction manpower and mounting costs has forced the developers to try new technologies.

Compressive strength testing result. Panels are manufactured in the technoloy and shape to suit the requirements of specific projects. In Construction, the formwork has to bear, besides its own weightthe weight of wet concretethe live load due to labor, and the impact due to pouring concrete and workmen on it.

Change is inevitable in the real estate industry. Or have something to share?


The MIVAN consyruction is specifically designed to allow rapid construction of all types of architectural layouts. This temporary casing is known as the formwork or forms or shuttering.

It should be durable and treatable. This construction technique involves 3 unique steps: Traditionally, construction firms all over the world have been slow to adopt the innovation and changes. The type of material to be used depends on the nature of construction as well as availability and cost of material.

Reuses can be assumed to vary from to wares timber varies from 10 to Then people invented small units of formworks and connect the repeating units in the construction. Reduced water content for admixture: So the basic elements of the formwork system are the panel which is tecgnology framework of extruded aluminium sections welded to an aluminium sheet.

The system usually follows a four day cycle: With this growing focus on affordable housing for all, the Government and the real estate stakeholders are increasingly emphasising on the use of innovative and new construction techniques.

Mivan to be a new age construction technology

Inthe Mivan Company Ltd from Malaysia started the manufacturing of such formwork systems. Thus, the design of the formwork is an essential part during the construction of the building.

It has good thermal insulation which makes it useful to be used in colder Regions.