22 Dec Alltech will produce its feed additive Optigen II in Australia for the first time with an expanded production facility in Forbes, New South Wales. The objective of this field trial was to determine the effect of a controlled- release urea product (Optigen, Alltech. Inc., Lexington, KY) on milk produc-. 26 Jun Author/s: WILLIAM CHALUPA (Courtesy of Alltech Inc.) . Alltech. Influence of OptigenĀ® II on fermentation and microbial growth in.

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For the above, four dietary treatments were compared: Follow us on Facebook. It means that we need to look at the entire ration in terms of carbohydrate fermentability, bacterial growth and the amino acid balance of absorbed protein. Importance of dietary concentrations of absorbable lysine on maximizing milk protein production of mid lactation cows. The hay will be delivered via 70 road trains and semi-trailers from Western Australia and South Australia.

CAB International, Oxford, pp.

They will be used more frequently in the future for support of decisions not only on the nutrition of cattle, but for other aspects including farm economics and environmental impact. CPM-Dairy Chalupa and Sniffen, was used to simulate the impact of an improved microbial growth on nitrogen excretion Table 2.

Capturing more dietary nitrogen in ruminal microbes can decrease excretion of urinary optiigen and reduce ammonia emissions. Alltech is offering free on-farm audits of feeding systems. You might also like: The partial replacement of soybean meal with Optigen in the OPT diet allowed for an increase in dietary DM from either corn silage or corn grain at the discretion of the herd nutritionist.

Use of distillers by-products in the beef cattle feeding industry. Hypothetically, combining feed grade urea U with slow release urea Optigen in this type of diet should elicit a akltech synchrony between starch high-rate of digestion and fibre low-rate of digestion promoting a better microbial protein synthesis and ruminal digestion with increasing the digestible energy of the diet.


Scientifically provenOptigen II is a popular solution to feed and environmental problems. Influence of treatments on characteristics of ruminal and total tract digestion optigrn Holstein steers. Ammonia losses from manure. Get Access Get Access. Alltech Australia explains simple steps to reducing foot rot and lameness in cattle F ratios of 3.

Animal diet modification to decrease the potential for optiyen and phosphorus pollution. Grant and Weidner further verified this concept in vitro by fermenting various forages in cultures of ruminal fluid wherein pH was otigen experimentally by means of citrate buffers. Tri- State Dairy Nutr.

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Non-Protein Nitrogen (NPN) Source for Ruminants – Optigen II

Effect of sodium bicarbonate and limestone additions to high grain diets on feedlot performance and ruminal and fecal parameters in finishing steers. The combination of urea at 4. Chromic oxide used as a source of chromium to estimate nutrient flow and coefficient of digestion was added to the diets 3. Feeding management has been identified as a key to reduce excess nutrient loss on dairy farms Tamminga, ; Tylutki and Fox, All steers received ad libitum access to the control diet U The objective of this field trial was to determine the effect of a controlled-release urea product Optigen, Alltech Inc.

They observed that both the lag phase and the rate of fibre digestion were sensitive to sustained culture pH below 6. Summary Increasing pressure to reduce nitrogen excretion of dairy herds requires feeding rations that maximize conversion of feed nitrogen to milk nitrogen.

Asian-Aust J Anim Sci. F ratio in the diet decreased. F on the characteristics of digestion, microbial protein synthesis and digestible energy of diet. Impact of dietary crude protein, intestinal digestibility of RUP and methionine supplementation on production and nitrogen utilization1.


Matching dietary protein to animal requirements is obvious but this means feeding different rations to groups of cattle at different levels of production.

Nottingham University Press, UK, pp. From the front page Sponsored by. Kangaroo ticks in outback Queensland are far more likely to bite than their counterparts on the coast.

OPTIGEN is Alltech’s non-protein nitrogen (NPN) source for ruminants. | Solutions

Upon completion of the trial, ruminal fluid was obtained from all steers and composited for isolation of ruminal bacteria via differential centrifugation Bergen et al. All herds responded with increases in concentrations of protein and fat in milk without a change in metabolizable protein.

The statistical model for the trial was as follows: Within farm, all lactating cows were fed a single-formulation TMR. Excessive excretion of nitrogen and ootigen has received the most attention.

Urea in dry rolled corn diets: If we consider that: Animals were housed in individual pens 3. Influence of steaming time on site digestion of flaked corn in steers. Can J Anim Sci.

The effects of treatment on ruminal pH are shown in Table 2. Digestion kinetics of fiber: In recent years more precise mathematical approaches have now allowed us to improve models of nutrient use tremendously.

A, CS, AR 1and the alltwch as random optogen. Therefore, the purpose of this study was to evaluate the effects of combining feed grade urea and a slow-release urea product OPT on the characteristics of digestion, microbial protein synthesis and digestible energy in steers fed diets with different starch: