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To our modern ear, toughened by the Hemingway birthed, and Mailer reared, terse, manly views of life and death The Forest of the Hanged often seems overwrought.

Nu stiu de cedar scena cand a cerut-o in casatorie pe Ilona Apostol, luminat de bucurie, se apropie de Ilona, care isi acoperise obrajii cu sortul, plangand mereu inabusit. Between and he was chairman of the National Theatre of Bucharest, and from to he was President of the Romanian Writers’ Society.

I especially like how the author manages to depict the inner, psychological, struggles, how he describes the thoughts and the feelings of the characters. The main character of the novel is Apostol Bologa, a Romanian from the village of Parva, Transylvania, who loses his faith in God after his father died.

After earlier criticizing him for thoughts of desertion, his friend confesses that he, too, has had such thoughts. Un om care pus in fata mortii vrea sa traiasca, dar din nou: Jul 16, Ioana Savin rated it it was amazing Shelves: In the following days Apostol finds faith in God and the joy of living, and he happily returns to the front. Apostol Bologa is a lieutenant in the Austro-Hungarian army, the kind of devoted citizen, decorated on the Italian front, willing to kill until he is moved to the Romanian front.

The case of the Czech shatters the moral values of Apostol, especially after he finds out that there is a forest full of hanged people accused of treason.

Pădurea spânzuraţilor

Jan 30, Potterhead In Bookland rated it really liked it. Apostol begins to have qualms. I didn’t understand the end completely, I understand that Bologa goes through a psychological crisis amplified by the moment when the faces of all the Romanians hung near the front line turn in Svoboda’s face, but I’m asking myself, can a single event in a man’s life affect it so much that in the end view spoiler [ Bologa will desert without using the map of the front, without taking his pistol, without thinking clearly, without defending himself in the trial, hanging without trying to stop it?


Cartarescu, for instance, had a soft for a president that I feel is unworthy- as I write, details are presented on the news about the family of the president and its connection with what would be called elsewhere a local mob or a mafia clan. Apostol Bologa – un personaj caruia ii place sa traiasca, dar nu stie cum sa o faca.

Pădurea spânzuraţilor by Liviu Rebreanu

While most of them try to show us war through descriptions of life at the front, the mud, the lice, the boredom, the fear, the courage, Rebreanu goes to the most interesting questions of all: Forest of the hanged “In my brother’s Emil memory, executed by Austro-Hungarian, on the Romanian front in “, this is how this exquisite story begins.

The journey there is better than the destination. Romanul, respecta tehnica circulara a romanului realist si obiectiv, raspunde la caracteristicile unui roman de tip psihologoc, intru cat urmareste starea patologica a personajului din toate punctele de vedere. Helped by those who love him and respect him, Bologa could get a favourable sentence on the accusation, which he refuses. Jan 11, Anca rated it liked it Shelves: Insa fericirea si triumful sunt mereu scurte si mereu trebuie sa incerce altceva.

Books by Liviu Rebreanu. Helplessness in the face of life was now more a terrifying thing than a revolt. Niste scene adanc intiparite atat pe hartie cat si in mintea si sufletul meu.

Apostol Bologa – un personaj ce alearga neobosit, cautand sensul vietii? Padurea spanzuratilor este un roman realist care transpune in paginile sale, drama razboiului dar si a intelectualui ce aspira la o existenta bazata pe principii morale solide si clare. Totusi o dragoste de patrie care nu a fost deranjata de acelasi grai strain al Ilonei – poate era doar intonatia cea care il deranja, dar ce stiu eu? Finally, he gets a vacation for a month and returns to Parva.

If in peacetime this conflict spanzutatilor just an existential background dilemma, the war brought it to the fore and transformed it into a permanent torment. Eu vad in Apostol Bologa putina ipocrizie. Published first published Just a note for anyone who gets a copy with the purple noose on the cover: The psychological crisis through which the protagonist passes transforms him paduera much, among other things he regains his faith in God, lost after his father’s death.


As Rebreanu himself said, the book probably could not have been written so vividly, had it not been for his brother’s tragic experience. Soon, he finds himself on the wrong side of the Romanian front forced to face the prospect of fighting against his own countrymen.

What makes things worse, we may be acutely aware of the failings of an author, who gives interviews in spanzyratilor press and expresses views we may find abhorable. In — he was secretary for the National Theater in Craiova. Un om care vrea sa moara, dar nu stie cu precizie motivul. The last pages are cathartic, encompassing overwhelming abandonment and hope, the hope of regaining a normal life, followed by the denial of any hope in life, the passionate love opposes a complete oblivion, due to the desperation that Bologa experiences.

He joins parurea military court that condemns to death the Czech officer Svoboda, who presumably attempted to desert in Galicia.

Forest of the Hanged () – IMDb

Again, I have to emphasize this: Patriotism rasarit peste noapte, si ca printr-o coincidenta in acelasi timp cu memoria tatalui sau.

Cartea mea preferata de la Rebreanu, ceva ce merita citit!

There were, after all, enormous mutinies by French and by Italian soldiers. He worked as an officer in Gyula but resigned inand in illegally crossed the Southern Carpathians into Romania, and lived in Bucharest.

Un personaj memorabil, cu un oarecare sindrom de bipolaritate. O persoana aflata intr-o continua contradictie cu ea insasi. Refusing to become an accomplice in the conviction of innocent people, he decides to desert and run on the other side of the front, at the Romanians.

Crestinism fanatic la doar cateva zile dupa ce-si reintalneste mama.