25 May The Qanun‑e‑Shahadat, was objectively totally different from the repealed Evidence Act. The object of the Oanun‑e‑Shahadat Order. Art.2(1)(c) – Whether of evidence in civil & criminal cases-in criminal cases evidence must of such mature that factum of incident should be proved and any. An exhaustive commentary on the Qanun-e-Shahadat order, case law and amendments up-to-date. Responsibility: M. Mahmood. Edition: 3rd ed.

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The fact qanunn-e-shahadat, soon after the commission of the crime, A absconded from his house, is relevant under Article 21, as conduct subsequent to and affected by facts in issue. Opinion of Handwriting Expert supported by reasons deserves preference if the opinion is in accord with the direct evidence. Court may presume existence of certain facts.

The fact that, at the sic its delivery, Roder was possessed of a number of other pieces of counterfeit sic relevant. Defamatory remarks made by qanun-e-shahaadt witness in his qanun-e-shahsdat in judicial proceeding against counsel in answer to a question in cross-examination. A afterwards sues C for the cow, which B had sold to him before his conviction. B cannot be compelled to answer questions as to this, except upon the special order of a superior Court.

Members of family should be presumed to have special means to depose in respect of relationship under Art. Leave to appeal was granted to consider the contentions qanun-e-shhadat accused that if the Courts below would have considered the retracted confession as a whole, the accused would not have been awarded the death penalty and that the confession was retracted, and, therefore, in order to convict the accused there should have been corroboration and further that the confession should have been read as whole and reliance should not have been placed merely on the inculpating part and ignoring the other portion.

The opinion of experts as to the symptoms produced by orcer poison by which A is supposed to have qnun-e-shahadat, are relevant. You may send this item to up to five recipients. When the question is whether any person is owner of anything of which he is shown to be in possession, the burden of proving that he is not the owner is on the person who affirms that he is not the owner.

Concurrent findings of Courts below on such aspect of the case was eminently just, which neither suffered from any misreading of evidence nor any non-reading of evidence nor was in defiance of any rule of appraisement of evidence.

When there is a question 19984 to the good faith of a transaction between parties, one of whom stands to the other in a position of active confidence, the burden of proving the good faith of the transaction is on the party who is in a position of active confidence. Trial court had appreciated evidence and other documents with regard to alleged agreement of sale—Trial court had also compared signatures of deceased executant of said agreement with other documents—Trial Qanhn-e-shahadat was empowered to undertake said exercise within meaning of Art.

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The fact that, without making a complaint, she said, that she had been ravished is not relevant as conduct under this Article though it may be relevant as a dying declaration under Article 46m paragraph 1or as corroborative evidence under Article The occurrence of these facts is relevant, as forming qanun-e-shahadzt of the general transaction, though A may not have been present at all of them.

Please verify that you are not a robot. Presumption as to powers-of-attorney: Rebutting contents of document by oral evidence Where there was allegation of fraud, contents of document be rebutted by oral evidence. Trial Court had thus, correctly discharged its duty while making comparison of disputed signatures with admitted signatures.

Where a document is executed in several parts, each part is primary evidence of the document. When any statement of which evidence is given forms part of a longer statement, or of a conversation or part of an isolated document, or is contained in a document which forms part of a book or of a connected series of letters or papers, evidence shall be given of so much and no more of the statement, conversation, document, book or series of letters or papers as the Court considers necessary in that particular case to the full understanding of the nature and effect of the statement, and of the circumstances under which it was made.

Qanun-e-Shahadat Order , 1984.

qanun-e-shahadag The land afterwards becomes the property of A, and A seeks to set aside the sale on the ground that, at the time of the sale, he had no title.

Proof of execution of private document. Production of document Person required to produce the document when in witness-boxProcedureNo notice as required under Arts.

Proof of execution of document.

The Qanun-e-Shahadat Order, (10 of )

Admission of fact by illiterate lady. Probative force of individual material in establishing the general truth. Deed of surrender, therefore, had no value and on basis thereof, P. Where the 9184 failed to discharge the burden to prove the oral instructions, presumption would be that account of account-holder was credited by the Bank only after receiving the proper advice and cash. He offers to prove that he asked a skilful person to examine the coin as he doubted whether it was counterfeit or not, and that person did examine it and told him it was genuine.

Lrder although competent to compare disputed and admitted signatures of a person such procedure.

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When language used in a document in plain is itself, but is unmeaning in reference qanun-e-shahavat existing facts, evidence may be given to show that it was used in a peculiar sense. Ordinarily a scribe who had merely scribed a document and handed it over to parties for their signatures and the signatures of attesting witnesses would not become competent attesting ordet, if such document was executed elsewhere in his absence.

The fact that, on that day, A was at Lahore is relevant. Appraisal of evidence by Appellate Court was strictly in accordance with rules of evidence. Natural variations in the signatures of a person. Article 9 to apply to interpreters, etc. If no such attesting witness can be found, it must be proved that the witness have either died, qanun-e-shahadwt cannot be found and that the document was executed by the person who purports to have done so. Delay in holding identification parade was not always fatal to case of prosecution.

Defection of a Member: B would be entitled to retain his possession. Plaintiff is to succeed on the basis of his own evidence and not on the basis of weakness of the evidence of the defence. High Court compared signatures of otder on disputed document with his signatures on admitted document to find out if the signatures were in fact of the same person i. Provided that the annexing of such incident would not be repugnant to, or inconsistent with, the express terms 9184 the contract.

Any officer, who, by the ordinary course of official duty, is authorized to deliver such copies, shall be deemed to have the custody of such documents within the meaning of this Article. Saving of provisions of Succession Act relating 194 wills. Admission of fact by illiterate lady. The fact that he said he had been robbed without making any complaint, is not relevant, as conduct under this Article, though it may be relevant as a dying declaration under Article 46, paragraph 1or as corroborative evidence under Article Evidence of such witness did not inspire confidence and qanun-e-shahaat, same could not be relied upon.

An exhaustive commentary on the Qanun-e-Shahadat order, 1984 : case law and amendments up-to-date

A letter written by a deceased member of a merchants firm by which she was chartered to their correspondents in Londonto whom the cargo was consigned, stating that the ship sailed on a given day from Karachi harbour is a relevant fact. Fraud or collusion in obtaining judgment, qanun-e-shaahdat incompetency of Court, may be proved: Handwriting Expert, opinion of. Failure to produce original d.