From figuring out what your dream is to quitting in a way that exponentially increases your chance of success, Quitter is full of inspiring stories and actionable. 17 Dec “Quitter” (Jon Acuff) — Summaries: EP The 30, feet view: The transition from your current job to your dream job should be gradual. quitter by jon acuff I came across Quitter on one of my “I hate this (insert choice expletive) job and I can’t stand one more day in this (insert choice expletive).

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The book is uniformly positive, sincere, contemporary lots of relevant stuff here if you think your dream job may involve some sort of blogand ultimately from someone who’s been where you are and who’s now where you may hope to be. They fall in love usually faster than it took you to write it. Jon’s personal experience and infectious personality cauff it’s way off every page.

He reveals I want to be careful here because Acuff seems like a good guy who is working hard at doing something he loves and I really respect that. Eat your reality beans, digest them, and set them free, as it were, in small doses.

It drove home the truth that the dreams which drive and fulfill me creatively don’t have to be sacrificed at the alter of necessity — they just have to be pursued with wisdom, rather than with irresponsible abandon.

Being a starving artist is a choice. I actually did it. Are people afraid to name their dreams?

My dreams were inflated and anorexic at the same time. Shoot, what an intense thing to say.

“Quitter” (Jon Acuff) — Summaries: EP11 – Alexei Akimov – Medium

As a freelancer, I was touched by Jon’s honesty and pensive dialogue, shedding a few tears along the way. See you around the tribe! It’s more than a lot of people can say, myself included. I love the fact that Jon is very realistic with his Quitter message.


Interview with Jon Acuff: How to Be a Quitter

I would recommend this book for anyone and any age. That’s probably the hardest part of the whole book-writing experience, deciding what to do with your money. That said, none of those really describe me.

The audio quality on this is not great. I plan on listening to acuuff audio this afternoon. I read this book in one day. Does everybody have a dream? But this never happens and leaves their dreams unfulfilled. What I am doing to speed the termination of my day job. And I am now happy that, although I have mentally typed my resignation numerous times over the past 18 months, most days I can now smile, fall in like with my job, and say to myself, “My job funds my dream.

Picking ONE and sticking with it seems to be a bit overwhelming. To ask other readers questions about Quitterplease sign up. Oct 09, Ben rated suitter it was amazing.

Quitter: Closing the Gap Between Your Day Job and Your Dream Job by Jon Acuff

His thoughts on the Disney Princess cartel make me laugh every time. Seems a bit self promoting. Feedback for me is analytics and jno. This book came along at the right time for me: Have an attitude that is right if you choose to read this book, or Qhitter just might convince you to change!! Yes, they were awesome. Thanks for reading, Kyle. I wish I had managed to do that in my situation, but regardless, the advice in this book is great to mentally chew on as you’re working towards y In a culture where it’s easy to get caught acuf in the motto of “I want what I want and I want it now!


Feb 20, Randall Dunn rated it it was amazing. Are you a beachfront cottage or mountain chalet person? All of this type of book promote something. Sep 06, Jackie rated it did not like it.

Quitter: Closing the Gap Between Your Day Job and Your Dream Job

What if you already have everything you need to begin? We often complain that we don’t have enough time to accomplish our dreams, however we have no problem spending hours a week watching TV.

Refresh and try again. It was really hard and I just wanted to make the jump already but knew that financially, we just weren’t able to make that happen yet. Needed it very much! To be honest, I read this book because I wanted it to tell me to quit. Apr 16, Will Lindsey rated it liked it.

I recorded it for my own reference not to air on a podcast or anythingbut then decided to share it here. Jan 02, Marmaladebleue rated it it was amazing Shelves: I learned so many things in this book, It has taught me to quit, quit living your life as if you are forced to do certain things. This book is not what you might think; in fact, I hesitate to talk about it lest my coworker friends think I’m looking to jump ship. One of my favorites.

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