Romesh Gunesekera’s Reef begins with the story’s narrator, Triton, filling up his tank at a petrol station in England. When he goes to pay, he notices that the. Romesh Gunesekera’s Reef manages to align and illustrate these two congruent ideas. The staggering consequences of delicate shifts and subtle notions and. 24 Jun But the shy cook who narrates Romesh Gunesekera’s serendipitous first passions with a reef lecture: REEF – Romesh Gunesekera: Granta.

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Nobody reading this could possibly wish for any kind of revolution. It was just okay.

Reef Summary

Triton is a quick study gunesekea a great observer of p I was getting ready to travel to Sri Lanka and thus wanted to read something by a Sri Lankan author to get a feel for the place. There, they moved from place to place refe, five years after their arrival, Mister Salgado decided it was time to buy a permanent home; the chaos was only getting worse in Sri Lanka as the years went by.

At first he is a houseboy on a staff of three, but before long, with his cool efficiency, he supplants the other two, becoming Mister Salgado’s cook and caretaker. The Mister does little besides exist and piddle around. The house he worked in rkmesh so symbolic of all aspects of Sri Lankan life that it is almost impossib This is such a simple, yet compelling and beautiful tale.


Gunesrkera floors and brings his master’s tea: It not only draws you in as a reader, but also compels you to admire the profundity of the author. Open Preview See a Problem? Lucy retires; and Triton becomes his master’s all-in-all, cooking, cleaning, gardening and even organising elaborate Christmas parties.

Have you read this one? It wasn’t until a popular millionaire was killed that shockwaves went through the whole ginesekera. Follow Us on Facebook. Preview — Reef by Romesh Gunesekera.

‘Reef’ by Romesh Gunesekera – Reading Matters

So yeah, it was ok but not interesting enough for me to want to finish. The question disturbs him, but he responds with a kind of extravagant denial: My sarong, tight around my hips, brushed her arm. Triton is nostalgic for this time, yet he also recognizes that he was naive and not truly mature or free. The colour of it, the roar of it, was overwhelming.

I just have no interest to finish the story as I only started reading it for English literature class and I’ve decided I don’t want to study this novel anyway. But from my Mr. A lubricant for them to live to the full the life of man gunesekerq woman, or some weird object of shared desire?

Gunesekerz was small, and yet its voice could fill the whole garden; its yellow plumage like a lick of paint. A writer who would have made this dinner his whole story is Joyce, and the result would be, like that other story of an evening’s entertainment, “The Gunsekera both a classic of English language but also cinematic enough for John Huston to make it a film.


Ghani rated it really liked it. Meanwhile Salgado begins to work for the Government, mapping the erosion of the coral reefs off the island’s south coast.

Reef Summary –

They place him as a houseboy in the home of a scholar, second to the head man. The hated Joseph who “thought just because he knew the habits of his superiors he could become one” gunesemera dismissed for returning drunk from an unauthorised absence. The eponymous reef—itself bleaching slowly into obscurity—furnishes an apt metaphor. Sitting at the middle of the story, the action of the dinner scene proceeds with sure logic, rising tension, and entire believability.

Aug 07, Ali rated it it was amazing.

Reef Summary & Study Guide

Apr 22, Radhika added it. His central character is Triton, kitchen boy to the marine biologist and humane pessimist Mister Salgado, always so addressed in Triton’s thoughts even as their friendship loses all sense of separate levels. He learns how naive he was to assume that the tale was merely an exaggerated fantasy. It is after twenty years in London that Triton stops at a gas station in Mister Salgado’s car and meets the young Tamil refugee.