31 Jul Carrier erythrocytes, resealed erythrocytes loaded by a drug or other therapeutic agents, have been exploited extensively in recent years for. Carrier erythrocytes, resealed erythrocytes loaded by a drug or other therapeutic agents, have been exploited extensively in recent years for both temporally and. Current review highlights isolation, drug loading methods, Evaluation methods and applications of resealed erythrocytes for drug delivery. Keywords: Resealed .

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The modification of erythrocytes with proteins such as streptavidin, however, elicited some negative results.

Inthis method was used successfully to entrap the antineoplastic drug daunomycin in human and mouse erythrocytes Hypotonic dilution was the first method investigated for the encapsulation of chemicals into erythrocytes 14 and is the simplest and fastest erythrocytex A considerable increase in drug dosing interval with drug residing in therapeutic window region for longer time periods This method is simpler and faster than other methods, causing minimum damage to cells.

Hypo-osmotic lysis eythrocytes PowerPoint Presentation: This reduces the circulation half life of the loaded cells.

Several reports have been cited in the literature about antiviral agents entrapped in resealed erythrocytes for effective delivery and targeting This therapeutic method is approved in the United States as regular management tool of hemosydrosis since Cells remain viable in terms of their physiologic and carrier rseealed for at least 2 weeks at this temperature. A Promising Drug Carrier.


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Mature erythrocytes are quite simple in structure. Cell Counting and Cell Recovery: The goal is to minimize the loss during the encapsulation procedure to maximize cell recovery Erythrocytes erythorcytes been the most interesting carrier and have found to possess great potential in drug targeting. Hypotonic hemolysis This method is based on the ability of erythrocytes to undergo reversible swelling in a hypotonic solution.

Deloach JR and Barton C: Seminar on Resealed Erythrocyte Submitted by: The delivery systems currently available enlist carriers that are either simple, soluble macromolecules or more complex multicomponent structures microcapsules, Microparticles, cells, cell ghosts, lipoproteins, liposomes, erythrocytes 1. This helps to counteract the colloidal osmotic swelling of electrically perforated erythrocytes.


For example, conducted a study on erythrocytes loaded with erythfocytes Haematocrit value If blood is placed into a tube and centrifuged, the cells and the plasma will separate. The commercial medical applications of carrier erythrocytes are currently being tested by a recently formed company that is developing products for human use.

InTsong and Kinosita suggested the use of transient electrolysis to generate desirable membrane permeability for drug loading Int J Pharm ; The technique is based upon initial controlled swelling in a hypotonic buffered solution.

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Academic Press, San Diego ; Biochim Biophys Acta; Thus, cell lysis is a secondary effect of electric modification of the membrane.

Resealed Erythrocytes |authorSTREAM

The enzymes used include-glucosidase, gluco-ronidase, galactosidase. Utilization of erythrocyte as a drug carrier raises another potential concern due to the changes in their biochemical nature. Anticancer Res ; 9 4: Drug loaded erythrocytes appears to be less resistant to turbulence, probably indicating destruction of cells upon shaking Prevention of degradation of the loaded drug from inactivation by endogenous chemicals Changes in the osmotic pressure of the medium surrounding the red blood cells changes the morphology of the cells.

The drug release is controlled by molecular weight and liposolubility of the drug.

Biophys J ; 71 1: This evolves to a morphology reseaeld stomatocyte uniconcave when they are subjected to solutions of mosm kg -1attaining the spherocytic shape the most fragile of the three when the solution is of mosm kg -1 The carrier system should have an appreciable stability during storage.