Creating SSDs for Star Fleet Battles. The Templates. Making SSDs for Star Fleet Battle can be a tedious endeavor, and in trying to make it as easy as possible. 30 Apr Now in color so you can easily find various ship systems, this page SSD book for the Star Fleet Battles Basic Set includes such classic ships. Items 1 – 50 of 92 The SFB SSDs and FC ship cards from Captain’s Log #36 are now available in color. Check out these ships: Star Fleet Battles: Federation.

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We had a great time and even put together our own campaign which we really enjoyed. Module R11 – Support Ships Rulebook From the cauldron of the General War come new starships to support your campaigns of conquest and bolster your bitter defensive battles.

And I think one more battery. That has nothing to do with the ethics of pirating the song in the first place by each user that does so and Lee specifically noted that he was not commenting on those ethics, as noted in the section of his text that you quoted. Many pardons to both Joe and David for confusing your guys’ handles. Smiley’s old stuff from http: More Stats for it on my website are coming up, soon. Everything I try also results in stzr access.

Four decades of battles against Again, a hit destroys two points of power produced and the battery.

Creating SSDs for Star Fleet Battles

Ssx complex legal subjects are charged, people like myself like to blather on and on, and flamewars are fleer just too easy under the circumstances. I wonder how this works with “created data” vs. Joe, I very much appreciate your sentiment of wanting to share your SSDs.

With this rulebook, you can command a starship! May want to scan it. You can refer any issues to our attorneys at the Redlich Law Firm. For my part, I think it would be nice to at least have a choice between an updated or ‘old style’ SSD when at a tournament.

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It’s a TNG Era Dreadnought, with lots of advanced systems, because Quantum Torpedoes were new at the time, the creator probably hadn’t heard of them, so he didn’t include them, just some other, made-up torpedo types, as well as railguns, fighters, and three sets of shield generators, like in “Dreadnought!

Early Years cargo and security skiffs, sublight cargo and security skiffs, Paravian Aerie remote outpost and Early Years civilian base station, Romulan Early Years bomber and fighter ground bases, Romulan sublight bomber and fighter squadrons, armed recovery transport, I’m not at odds with you at all.

Elvis, or condone infringement, or unecessarily restrict posting of SSDs on this board.

The Schenectady Wargamers Association, Inc. It has Special Sensors, Cargo, Hold, Forward tleet Aft Photons, and the 10 unlabelled boxes were like Hold boxes that were kept in the unchanged system that was selected for at least a few decades, maybe more.

Also, I’m wondering about a X- “heavy carrier” that only carries 4 battlse. Can we respond to you about this? The Schenectady Wargamers Association, Fleer. Since ADB has no relationship to any “unauthorized SFU” site, with regards to the original question, any “take down” notice by a third party copyright holder would be between the unauthorized SFU online service provider. I didn’t work on them at all, they aren’t mine.

Heh, well don’t I look like an idiot.

Federation SSD’s | Star Fleet Battles Open Community

I am not sure you Joe would want to care what I think, but I’d be sad to see you get angry and alienated at the SFB community defending or debating the SSD posts or certain bahtles therein. The saucer is just too huge and more in line with the second one.


Next, will come a new battkes Heavy Cruiser, made in the style of Supplement 2. I don’t accept the arguments from people that pirate that “I wouldn’t have bought it anyway and the like. I say this because I have feet books of the Ring of Fire series on my bookshelves because Eric Flint put “” online for free.

As you continue through the handbook, the mysteries of the Romulan cloaking device, Klingon disruptors, Look Avenger, i am going to be the better man and leave this horse to die, we are both at odds here, being that i am a fan of SVCs work, i will defend it to my grave, you think that fans should be allowed to do what they want, so lets just agree to disagree on this topic and let it go, as for Don, he is another story all together, what he batt,es is between himself and SVC. Lyrans are allied with the Klingons and are mortal enemies of the Kzintis.

Another weird thing done as a weird-ish showcasing, and go ahead and photomanipulate it, I will unveil my next tremendous project out of like, umpteenand it will be more outlined, occasionally. No, I don’t think so. I just took a look at Don’s site and he’s taken the entire SFB section down completely. Their ships, their batfles, their technology are all unknown. And the official SSD’s common ones come with the rules. My antivirus software won’t let me open that last one. We need to protect phasers 1 lfeet 2.

And BTW if everyone thinks I am being overly melodramatic, please forgive me.

It also has the descriptions for the ships included in the R3 SSD books.