28 Aug Sukhmani or Sukhmani Sahib is the title given to the Gurbani in raga (ਮਣੀ Sukh in Gurmukhi can also mean jewel, gem, precious stone.). The Sukhmani Sahib is a special, meditative and extensive prayer. It comes with an indroductory comment and key for right pronounciation. In original Gurmukhi. Download Sukhmani Sahib (Gurmukhi) apk and all version history for Android. Light-Weight Sukhmani Sahib in Punjabi (Gurmukhi).

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Reciting the Gurbani of Sukhmani Sahib is believed to bring peace to one’s mind [13] and aid help remembering God constantly. The Guru tells us that the meek and the humble win God’s love, while the haughty and the vain find sukhmano peace or joy.

I bow to the Great, Divine Guru. Meditate, meditate, meditate in remembrance of Him, and find peace. Dwells on the lot of the boastful and the arrogant.

Guru Arjan defines the various types of holy persons like the Pandit, Vaishnav, Bhagwati, etc Before creation, there was a great void. Pause ” constituting rahauthe only one in the composition, which means pause or rest and which is an equivalent of the Hebrew word selah occurring in the Psalms, sums up the most characteristic feature of this bani.

It is a treasure of all kind of happiness and pleasure. Also each Pauri consists of 5 salok couplet consisting of 10 Tuks lines. Why waste one’s life amassing wealth? He is the fountain of generosity and goodness.

Sukhmani – SikhiWiki, free Sikh encyclopedia.

Points out that mortals, by their very nature, are fickle and way-ward; so no reliance can be placed on them. Nov 21, Version 1. Stresses the need for good behaviour.

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This page was last edited on 23 Septemberat The location is still marked on the bank of the Ramsar pool in the city of Amritsarnear the famous Golden Templethe Harimandir Sahib. Guru Tegh Bahadur, A Biography.

Sukhmani Sahib Gurmukhi-English

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Sukh literally means peace or comfort and mani means mind or heart. Pages with citations lacking titles Articles containing Punjabi-language text. There is a great significance of Sukhmani in the Sikh way of life and also enjoys reverence among the devotees of the Sikh faith. The language character is close to Khari Boli, the Hindi that had evolved in the areas lying northwest of Delhiwith a distinct inclination towards Punjabi.

The Guru who had by that time completed sixteen astpadisor cantos, requested that he continue the composition. He is the fountain of generosity and goodness.

Before the Ashtpadi begins there is a Salok of two lines and then each Ashtpadi contains eight padas of 10 hymns per pada.

Worry and anguish shall be dispelled from your body. In niki kiri Below is a table summarising the message of the 24 Astpadis in the Sukhmani Sahib. Retrieved from ” https: This structure is maintained throughout the composition, from Astpadi to Astpadi. Guru Arjan warns of the distractions of life.

While this language has evolved out of Braj, it is closer to Punjabi in its grammatical form. Stresses the characteristics of a Seeker of Truth. Surprisingly, many ardent Sikhs include the recitation of this Bani in their daily regimen of Nitnem.


Sukhmani Sahib is divided into 24 Ashtpadi Section. Become a SikhNet Sponsor. Part of a series on.

That one, in whose soul the One Lord dwells – the praises of his glory cannot be recounted. This principle, by no means absolute, is only broadly applicable.

The Guru tells of the pre-creation state. Prominent Sikh saint Baba Nand Singh of Nanaksar group 19th century and his band members would sometimes tell Sikhs to recite Sukhmani Sahib twice gumukhi [18] alongside that the Sant would also have Sikhs do contant Akhand Path constant reading of Sukhmani Sahib go on which continues to this day.

Here and there pure Hindi forms may be seen: Methodology in Religious Studies: The expression here, however, is poetic in its overtones and shares a common character with the variety of Hindi or Bhakha that was used by religious teachers all over northern India.

Deals with sukhmmani need of efforts for spiritual progress. The sacred prayer is 35 pages long from page to page of the Guru Granth Sahib. Tells us that “practising holiness” reduces man’s propensity to sin. Japji Sahib Path Audio. Each line is highlighted as the paath is recited. Sukhmani Sahib Path with Audio. The true devotee will be rewarded with health, culture, wisdom, peace, etc. The Guru emphasizes the qualities of a true servant of God, namely obedience and humility.