ICEBREAKER. Who Started the. Second World War? Viktor Suvorov. Translated by Thomas B. Beattie. HAMISH HAMILTON. London. A historian, the Soviet defector Victor Suvorov tells the story of World War II as started not by Hitler, but by Stalin. He contends that Russia’s part in starting the. ICEBREAKER Who Started the Second World War? Viktor Suvorov Translated by Thomas B. Beattie HAMISH HAMILTON London For my brother Hamish.

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That was not so.

Moreover, the Red Army certainly had no intention of restricting or stopping its ‘liberation campaigns’ into the West at that point Order No. We still do not know how the document found its way to the West, but there were a variety of ways it could have got there. The principle of mounting its front armour plating in a sloping position was used, after the T34, on the German Panzer tank and then on all other tanks subsequently produced elsewhere in the world.

Were Tukhachevsky’ s aims any different? For Stalin, German Nazism was an instrument which would break a path for the revolution through the solid ice – an icebreaker. Did he not enhance the security of his frontiers by occupying neighbouring countries? There is not one Soviet textbook which gives the answer to this question and to date it remains undeciphered by many experts. Isaev’s book also goes into more general issues. In the event of an invasion by the German Army, this quantity would have been quite sufficient to paralyse the entire railway network behind enemy lines, upon which the Germans would have been totally dependent.

I helps if you read the books before discussing them. The ‘first wave’ airborne corps. Apart from them, the NKVD consisted of a great number of regiments and divisions of operational, convoy and security troops. If an invasion were being planned, these maintenance tasks would have been completed.


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Glantz views Suvorov’s argument as “incredible” on a variety of fronts: While the Red Army fought on external fronts, these special divisions waged war on internal fronts. Stalin supported the hangman, but even before the hangman had begun his work, Stalin had prepared the same fate for the hangman as awaited the hangman’s victims. Only their climate is better’.

Toto by si mali precitat nasi “historici” na univerzitach ze ako to skutocne bolo. Unfortunately at least for meSuvorov has focused on just one thesis – that Stalin was aiming for WW the 2nd even more than Hitler did icebreaier all his actions that seems ridiculous sometimes were caused by that. The Red Army was massed along the border with Germany and munitions, aircraft, tanks etc were also there.

Hitler wrote his book later and it represents the view of one individual. Learn more about Amazon Prime. Ca si atunci, daca acum Doamne fereste! The second five-year plan continued the development of the industrial base.

Ice-Breaker: Who Started the Second World War?

In peacetime, however, Stalin was responsible for the destruction of approximately five viktof seven times more people for the sake of acquiring motorway tanks and offensive aircraft.

Stolfi in his study Hitler’s Panzers East: A story of deception and survival, this is a German WWI soldier’s gripping account of the rise and fall of Nazi Germany. Hitler could do what it did not suit Stalin to do. There is also very little evidentiary support of the planning for that operation, viktod it certainly took place It sometimes happens that the icebrfaker significant historical works are virtually ignored by the mainstream press, and consequently reach few readers.

Astfel se explica infrangeriile devastatoare primite de URSS in debutul razboiului, armate intregi prinse pe picior gresit, neechipate pentru defensiva.

Germany entered war in with 3, tanks. The time will come when not nine hours, but all the twenty-four hours on the clock will be needed for this to happen. vviktor

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Tylko wygodna “prawda historyczna”. I don’t think Icebreakeg was a nice fellow or a good neighbor, no. Not, in any way, to raise the standard of living of the nation.

That is to say, from the very outset of hostilities Germany fell into a situation in which it could only lose the war; or, to put it another way, on 23 Augustthe day the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact was signed, Stalin had won the Second World War even before Hitler came into it.

Nikita Khrushchev, Memoirs, Chasidze Publications, Stalin had indeed deceived Hitler in a way that nobody had deceived anyone else throughout the whole of the twentieth century.

Full text of “Viktor Suvorov Icebreaker Who Started World War Two”

Good that somebody wrote a reply to this kind of books. With the help of Lavrenty Beria, Stalin finally ousted Yezhov and his generation.

De asemenea, se sublineaza importanta Romaniei in al doilea razboi, principalul furnizor de petrol al Germaniei. So they began to make their preparations in the Soviet Union. Secondly, Germany and the Soviet Union did not share a common frontier. What I cannot understand is why Keitel was hanged [at Nuremberg], and Kuznetsov was not.

Anyone with an interest in the history of the Second Xuvorov War knows the general narrative of the German invasion of Russia June 22, Even so, there are some people in the West who continue to believe that the West won the Second World War. Standing behind Britain was the United States which could, icebrraker it did in World War Euvorov, throw its inexhaustible power on to the scales at the most vital moment.