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The graph of the power gain function S 0 vs. The cutoff wavelength of the i-mode is identical with that of the En-mode, i.

It should be noted that the new definitions are equivalent to a change in the characteristic impedances of the terminal waveguides or, alternatively, to an introduction of ideal transformers at the various terminals. However, in many cases the behavior of the fields in the beyond-cutoff or in the free-space regions is not of primary interest. The equivalent circuit representative of a nondissipative microwave structure is dependent on the determination of three parameters.

In favor of the impedance or admittance descriptions are the following facts: As in the case of a uniform region this may be done by introduction of an infinite set of orthogonal vector functions which are of two types: Equivalent Circuits for Waveguide Discontinuities For real k this diagram represents Eq. Waveguides as Transmission Lines.

Waveguide Handbook : Nathan Marcuvitz :

The network equations 84which represent the solution of the electrostatic problem in this case, then become I — Y 00 K — 7 TorJ n 1 J. Equivalent Circuits for Waveguide Discontinuities. However, in the following the reflection coefficient r is to be understood as the voltage coefficient.


A convenient measure of the voltage and current at any point r is obtained on introduction of a reflection coefficient defined as the ratio of the amplitudes of the reflected and incident waves.

The difficulties can be avoided by use of a madcuvitz in which the type of circuit is prescribed and in which the locations of the terminal planes are not prescribed but rather ascertained from the measurements. A few examples will serve to illus- trate both the use of Eq.

Waveguide Handbook

Coin silver drawn waveguide Coin silver lined waveguide Coin silver machined surface f. Looking for beautiful books? In any case both methods are equivalent and, as seen by Eqs. The conventional network method involves the measurement of input impedance for three particular values of output impedance. Although the admittance matrix is singular in this case, Sec.

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In the present chapter this information will be presented for a number marvuvitz two-terminal waveguide structures encountered in practice. Spherical transmission lines are distinguished by the numerical value of n [cf. The wave- length X g of propagation in the z direction is equal to the free-space wavelength X for these modes. The quantitative description of the transmission lines requires the indication of their characteristic impedance and propagation wavelength; the description of the four-terminal circuit requires, in general, the specification of three circuit parameters and the locations of the input and output terminal planes.


The computation of frequency sensitivity on a long radial line is facilitated by a uandbook of the differential forms of Eqs.

Waveguide handbook

E-mode fields are derivable [cf. In addition to J.

The investigation of simplifications of this type requires the ability to determine the equivalent circuit param- eters at one set of reference planes from the knowledge of the parameters at any other set.

The dominant E’-type mode in the radial waveguide of Fig. E’-type modes and, for no E t field, in terms of ff-type modes. Under these circumstances the above structures may be regarded as two-terminal, i.

For unbounded cross sections, as in Fig. The Kirchhoff analysis of a symmetrical microwave structure can be effected on either an impedance or an admittance basis.

Explicit representations of the Green’s function defined by Eqs. According to a fundamental theorem a unique solution to this problem exists if the tangential component of either the electric field or the magnetic field is specified at the boundary surface.

Parallel-plate Guide into Space. Coaxial Waveguides 72 a 2? For the representation of more general fields, reference should be made to Sec. Both cases, however, constitute more or less conventional transmission-line problems. Lines of electric current flow are long dashes.